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Where is a creative place to hold a wedding ceremony?

Asked by ItalianPrincess1217 (10534points) May 20th, 2014

The NY wedding is in May with a theme of country chic with some added sparkle and bling. Burlap and lace will be used in the reception decor and green and purple flowers will be used in the centerpieces. Tree trunks will also be incorporated. Added rhinestones and white christmas lights will bring some extra sparkle. Knowing all of this, where is a unique location to hold the ceremony?

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Walkway Over the Hudson State Historic Park

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Rikers Island Jail.

On the Staten Island Ferry

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Bowling alley or skating rink?

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In a park…at a meditation area, a playground, or near a fountain.

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It depends on your budget and if you want it to be in NYC or surrounding area (Hudson Valley, Long Island, upstate). In NY, especially NYC, as far as money goes, the sky is the limit. Or did you want creative and cheap, like a picnic type thing or on a beach?

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A spa?

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I met someone who had a wedding ceremony on a cliff.
That’s about it

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Where you met.

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It sounds nice.

Just about any place that meets your financial requirements can be made to work. I got married in a tiny wedding chapel at a ski resort in June. When we arrived for the ceremony, they had forgotten to turn on the electricity which means the place was about 40 Fahrenheit . One of the guests who happened to be an electrician shinnied up a pole in his nice clothes and turned it on. My point is, you do what you have to to make it work for you!

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A rodeo ring would be a great place to have the reception. BBQ buffet and square dance.

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A few years back I watched a beautiful Hindu wedding on the beach at Lake Tahoe.

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In a hot air balloon, aloft, over Central Park.

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@all Oops! When I said NY I just meant the state, not the city. I forget that most people think NYC when someone says New York. I’m in the western NY area actually.

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@jca I don’t need it to be cheap, but budget friendly is preferred. Not loving any beach themed ideas. Possibly a park. I am looking for something unique though. I imagine this beautiful wooded area but I don’t know of any woods that I can rent out for a couple hours.

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@ItalianPrincess1217: How about the castle that is located in the Thousand Islands? I know it’s not western NY but it’s up there.

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A farm could be fun too.

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@jca I will look into that. I’ve never heard about it.
@Judi That does sound fun! Maybe a barn?

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Didn’t we plan your first wedding with you?

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@jannbb Quite possibly. That marriage failed and was doomed before it even began.

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