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How can I decide where to live in Alberta?

Asked by talljasperman (21875points) May 20th, 2014

If anything is for you in your current city. For me all the city that I live in has more food stores (Red Deer), and where I came from (Jasper) taxi are $5 cab rides away, and everything is within walking distance. I have anxiety about going outside without a taxi and I am scared of the young adults who hang out side the 7 / 11 store.

If I stay in Alberta I get disability payments of $1588 a month and $1000 a month medication paid for.

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use your computer to find out where people like you live in Alberta , such as likes and dislikes,and if Red deer has all that you want then why move at all?

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Where does your mom live? Do you only get assistance if you live in Alberta?

Just for fun, try and see what it suggests!

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Do you have any sort of social worker that can help you sort this shit out? I don’t really think Fluther is the best for this stuff.

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