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Is XM Recovery A solution for your body ?

Asked by leryilaa (1points) May 20th, 2014

Have you became a person to whom people usually nickname skinny. They are also the best healthy fats you can consume for a XM Recovery Muscle Building diet. Get time to talk to others who’re more established, and study what it is possible to from them.


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My spam filter is clogged up. Mods?!

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Sure. But we can have fun while it’s still up!

Got muscle? LOL

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@dxs Yeah! Let this spam burn!

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Every time you comment on a spam thread, a mod gets his wings.

Or something.

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I just read the comments on the question that @dxs put up. Does this mean that we’re not supposed to post answers on questions that will be deleted? Hassling spammers is part of the fun of Fluther!

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No fun for you! Next!!

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Hassling spammers is part of the fun of Fluther! Not for the mods for whom it makes more work, as they keep politely reminding us

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(The weird thing is, we never used to remove all of the answers. Only answers that contained additional spam. Must be a new policy.)

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No, but my fist is the Final Solution for your face.

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