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What would you do if 95% of your clothes vanished?

Asked by johnpowell (14733points) May 20th, 2014

Last night I was informed that I pretty much lost everything that I wasn’t wearing. It went down like this.

(08:44:24) Allie: what happened to your clothes :(
(08:46:03) Ryan: Here is what happened.
(08:46:47) Ryan: I go downstairs with my laundry and go to put it in the backseat but the door was locked so I set it down.
(08:47:42) Ryan: My mom was on the passengers side sorting out groceries so I start helping with that.
(08:48:53) Ryan: I was on the passengers side when I set down the laundry. it was just a few feet from where she was.
(08:49:41) Ryan: So the groceries get sorted and I run them upstairs.
(08:50:57) Ryan: So I run back down to give my mom some cash and she is sitting in the drivers seat. Where I put the clothes wasn’t visible.
(08:51:18) Ryan: I just assume that she put them in the car.
(08:51:29) Ryan: She drives off.
(08:52:00) Ryan: By the time she notices they are missing someone had already taken them.

How would you react? I got drunk.

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It couldn’t have been that many clothes if you brought them down in one load and didn’t notice they weren’t in the car. Time for a new summer wardrobe! Maybe each of your guy friends would be willing to part with one piece.

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I’m afraid I can’t suggest a better plan of action than the one you’ve already taken.

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@GloPro :: It was actually three packed baskets. About 15 pairs of pants, boxers, t-shirts, and hoodies. I have average upper-body strength.

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Second hand stores are good for t-shirts and jeans. Just wash them before wearing them.

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@AshLeigh But he’s suffered serious laundry trauma. That may not be an option.

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He couldn’t run around naked…

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Hmm. Well, what does the remaining 5% consist of? If socks and hats, perhaps some strategic coverage can be maintained.

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@AshLeigh :: I wear wal*mart clothes. Most my pants are Dickies and those are 16 bucks a pair. After hearing of this dilemma my sister repaid me the 300 bucks she borrowed years ago.

I’m going high class from here on out.

*note.. Oregon so no sales tax.

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I didn’t run downstairs naked so I have on what I was wearing at the time. I will admit to washing my boxers in the salad spinner.

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Seriously, people bag clothes up for donation regularly. Ask your friends to hook you up with an item or two. Some will come through.

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@GloPro :: I am lucky. This isn’t a financial disaster for me. I have already went into the mode where I think it is pretty funny and will be a good story once I have 7+ pairs of boxers again.

edit :: I’m more concerned that there was b-day and c-mas presents in what is missing.

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Wow. That sucks. It sounds like you have a solution already.

For me, I have so so many clothes that if 95 percent were taken away, I’d still have a lot left over – enough so that I would still be ok.

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That sucks. Your sister is awesome though. Makes for a funny story too. Plus…new pants!

I just lost 5% of my wardrobe. My kid likes to stash crayons everywhere. Apparently my husband didn’t check for “presents” with the last load of laundry. Major bummer because it took out some favorites. But I just mourned them briefly and moved on. Can’t get too attached to stuff with litte mischief-makers in the house.

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That was a sucky thing to happen but kudos to your sister, and what a great opportunity to start a whole new wardrobe. I’m like you; most of my clothes are dead cheap. We don’t have Walmart here but we do have Primark, where you can get t-shirts for £2 each and jeans for £6, so if it happened to me that’s where I’d go to stock up again.

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My room would be so clean if 95% of my clothes disappeared.

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@johnpowell I was just reading the other day that washing machines and salad spinners have more overlap than I thought.

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You could always get some new shirts on Ript . They’re only 13 dollars(including shipping) and they have a new design every day. I’ve bought a few shirts from them and they’ve always been great quality. I got this bitchin squirtle one last night actually :P

I’d also obviously hit up the good will stores. I’m pretty sure 95% of my jeans came from there and probably cost me under $20 in total.

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