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What have you learned lately that has taught you something about yourself?

Asked by Unbroken (10714points) May 20th, 2014

Sometimes life teaches us lessons about living, other times it reveals something we didn’t know about ourself. And sometimes it does both.

What have you learned lately because of something new you did?

Maybe in reading some of the answers we will find new questions or acquire a new perspective. Maybe answer a question we didn’t know we were asking. Or just relate to those above.

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I’ve learned that the way I feel about people will never compare to the way I feel about disappearing.

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@AshLeigh that sounds so mysterious. I have no idea what it means though and would like to, is it something you care ti expound on?

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I’ve learned that not any jokes can be entertaining.

I’ve learned that I sometimes express my caring too much and that can make me a nosy person.

I’ve learmed that I sometimes overreact.

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Wow @Mimishu1995. You have learned a lot. But it all seems a tad critical, at least with me reading it without too much more context then what I’ve seen here. Of which I mostly enjoy. You have brains enthusiasm and a sense of humor. I hope that doesn’t change too much..

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@Unbroken Don’t worry, I won’t change. I only find a smarter way to express my personality. That is, being humorous and enthusiastic without offending anyone :p

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^^ :) Good deal. Sometimes I try to work on being less offended… Esp by you :P

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After proposing a guy who I loved for the past many years and getting rejected makes me understand how important it is to express one’s emotions timely. On the other side, it makes me understand the meaning and importance of true love. True love shall not seek reciprocation, it is eternal but not commonly found.
I also found how strong I am.

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I was thinking of asking this. Good question. I am learning that I am much stronger than I thought I was as a result of the end of my marriage and the recent break-up of a friendship. Also, that I can trust my own judgment and take care of things alone better than I thought I could. And I am slowly learning greater patience; sometimes the best thing to do with a situation is sit with it. I have also learned that I make friends easily.

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Despite being a geek, and enjoying comics and such, I do not know how to play.

Everything I do has to be a project with a clear measurable outcome.

I rarely to never do anything “just for fun”.

I need to work on this.

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@cookieman I’m baking cookies today. You could come and play with cookie dough and me.

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Living near 2 ancient old ladies that drive me insane with their dementia, paranoia, busybodiness and snipey gossip has made me realize A. I have zero desire to live into my 90’s and become a demented old crone with nothing better to do than spy on the neighbors, and B.
I have ZERO patience for dealing with dottering old folks.
I know, I know, makes me sound really mean, but it is what it is. Demented old people should be euthanized, sorry, that’s how I feel. lol

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After being away from my immediate family for an extended amount of time, I realized I’m a completely different person when I’m with them and it is not my natural self.

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That I can’t actually do something nice for somebody and accept the fact they might not acknowledge or thank me for it.

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Moved to Australia. Learned that I am not a beach person. At all.

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@Coloma…excellent that I learned this, not that it happened… : (

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@yankeetooter Yeah, it’s hard one, to not attach expectations to giving, but liberating once fully embraced. A major milestone of enlightenment. Now if only I could deal with annoying old people better. haha

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