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What is Fluther to you?

Asked by Unbroken (10690points) May 20th, 2014

This is my take… What is yours?

Sometimes even when I am busy I will “sit” on a question. Refreshing, eager for responses, even if I don’t have time to reply on my phone the way I want to. I am crafting dialogues, asking follow up questions etc maybe sneaking a few minutes to quickly Google some related detail.

Or just responding emotionally to poster’s on an internal level. That is why I love Fluther. The group is small enough I usually have a storage bin of data on them, some mental picture. But it is always amorphous. People and dynamics shift. Strange alliances formed and broken. There seems the cusp of a vernacular forming. Even if it can be self referential and short lived. Some sort of mini drama develops or unfolds finally in the commons..A person comes another leaves. The cycle continues.

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A Q-A platform for people all over the world!

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It’s a place where I get to be constantly amazed at some of @ragingloli ‘s incredible posts and rejoinders.
And where I can discuss such cool topics as banning breast feeding in public and watch them turn into threads about whether or not breasts full of milk are less sexy than empty breasts.

And Fluther is a place where I have learned really interesting facets about the laws of physics like the Is there a relationship between the Noƶsphere, The Singularity and cyberspace? question. {I had never even heard of the Noosphere before this}!

And when I first got here I had a problem with my computer and got some fast answers on how to fix it.

Fluther to me is one of the finer websites in cyberspace.

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A website

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I love Fluther and a bunch of people on here have become to be what I consider friends, even if I never met the majority of them.

I said recently on here that Fluther is like a neighborhood. Neighbors move in, neighbors move out, things change and evolve.

When I joined almost 7 years ago (2007), there were very few users on here. Over time, so many have come and gone. Very few that are on now were on in 2007, maybe 3 that I can think of offhand.

Sometimes I tell people that I don’t know too well (that won’t come here and figure out who I am), “you can ask any question, you can answer any question, you can participate in debates, you can search topics.” Unfortunately, I don’t tell most of my friends about Fluther because I would not want them joining and figuring out who I am, and then reading all of my most intimate thoughts and discussions. I consider Fluther a place where I am almost totally free to voice my opinions.

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What I expected when I first joined: just another Q&A site. Nothing particularly special. Just hope I will get helpful answer for my question and not a handful of rocks like at Yahoo! Answer.

What I get after a while: something much, much more than that!

Really, I was quite surprised when I found out what Fluther truly is. Never before have I known such a helpful and welcoming website like this place.

Fluther is a place where I get helpful information. Help is almost always at hand. There can be time when no one can help me, but at least everyone has tried their best to help.

It’s a place which provide me with fun and entertainment. I have my fun at some game threads, giggle at hilarious (but true) comment of jellies like @jca, @Dan_Lyons and @Coloma.

It’s a place where I make friends and seek for comfort when necessary. I make friends with some jellies here and we get on very well. I think my best friend here is @Adirondackwannabe. He’s always here when I need some more “private” help and listen to my chit chat.

It’s a place where I experience some really dramatic love-hate relationship. There can be conflicts, but in the end all are resolved, and the conflicts make the relationship more thrilling :p

In summary: Dr. Jelly is a good friend of mine.

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As for me personally, fluther is all about expression. I have been here only for a while, but I see myself trying to convince, to answer one last question even if I have loads of work to do.
It’s a little community where you can explore yourself and also express yourself.

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A place to hang out.

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Like I answered in another question a while back, Fluther is Internet comfort food for my mind.

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It’s a place where I can say, and share real things and thoughts from my personal experiences and insights, that I can’t in real life. Fluther is the sweet spot of the internet. Hopefully it’s a place where I can do some good and be useful. It’s also a place where I have made some really terrific new friends, in a new way and I’m able to experience those relationships in a new way, that is completely different from how my relationships outside of this website work.

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Sometimes it’s a place for witty banter. Sometimes it’s a place to exchange ideas, or have thoughtful discussions.

Lately, due to one particular jelly (who shall remain nameless), it’s been a big enough pain in my ass that I’ve already taken a week off, and am currently weighing the good versus the bad to decide whether it’s worth just letting them win and leave :/

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@jerv Don’t leave. There’s a few on here that annoy the h*ck out of me, but I learned that it’s better not to engage them and go on to the stuff that really enjoyable. You are a valuable asset to Fluther.

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Yeah @jerv! Don’t leave. I don’t want another good jelly to leave like @Cruiser and @Symbeline. No more goodbye please.

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What beautiful answers. I hope jerv you don’t leave on account of one.

What @Symbeline left? Thought I saw her and cruiser recently enough… Smh… Dismay

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I’m sorry @jerv Don’t leave because of me.

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Increasingly dull.

* shrug * Fluther had a lovely heyday, but the fun is pretty much gone. The people I loved are mostly gone – though there are still some great friends here, who I also get to see on Facebook. The discussions I loved are completely gone. And there just isn’t much left in their place.

This is the first time I’ve really been on in a few weeks.

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@Seek Yeah, it’s less fun now. At least I managed to bury the hatchet with my antagonist, but it really isn’t the same hereas it was. :/

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