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What was your prom like? Or, your child's prom? Is prom only an American thing?

Asked by JLeslie (60734points) May 21st, 2014

I’m watching the show Katie and they are talking about proms. She said it is an American thing, I never knew that. Is that true that other countries don’t have proms?

What was your prom like? Was it in the school gym? A hotel? A dance hall? Was there dancing? Dinner? Appetizers? A theme? Did people go even if they didn’t hate a date? Did the men wear a tux? Did you rent a limousine? How much was the total cost for you?

Was prom a big deal to you? A right of passage? Just another party?

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I’m not sure if it is a prom, though everyone seems to think so.

There used to be a party called “Goodbye Prom” at my high school. The name was self-explanatory: it was a farewell party for final year students, though everyone could join. It took place at the school gym. There were table with lots of food and drink, and a stage, where all the music took place.

On that day my class dressed in the best clothes. We all looked as if we came from somewhere else and not the school. We chatted, took photos, and even danced. Some students who were “in a relationship” even exchanged “goodbye” letters. Soem of my classmates also sang on the stage. Teachers were there too, and they joined the fun with the students. At the end of the prom everyone hugged each other and cried. We were sure there was little chance that we could meet again.

I also heard that in many schools in my country there are proms taking places too. So… maybe prom isn’t just an American thing after all.

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I went to HS in New Orleans, so we did them (mine and my gf’s since we went to different schools) up proper, since it was probably the Formal among formal dances. Tuxes, dinner, limos, hotel location (although one might have been in a room at the Superdome) and a variety of after parties. I think my group all slept over at my gf’s house—my memory is really fuzzy, mainly because we had lots of dances.

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We had a prom and I went with my best guy friend. (my boyfriend at the time was away with the Air Force). It was held at our school on the stage. (we had a really big stage and this was very fitting as I was in theater there).
There was only music and dancing at the prom. Traditionally people would go out to eat after at the restaurant of their own choosing. Tuxes and long formal dresses were the look back in the 80s.
The total cost wasn’t much, just paid for the dress and dinner after. We didn’t get a limo.
I had a great time, but was sad that my boyfriend couldn’t be there. All the better, I am still good friends with my prom date to this day. The boyfriend was gone within a year.

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I went to my junior and senior proms. Junior year, I went with a couple of female friends with no dates. We went to dinner beforehand, then prom, then after-prom at this arcade place. It was held in the school gym, there was dancing and dresses/tuxes, some had limos. I went home afterward. It was alright. I went to my senior prom with my now-husband and a larger group of couples. Same location for everything, different theme. We decided to go home instead of going to after-prom, as my parents were out of town (and we were 17-year-olds on prom night…). It was actually a pretty awful experience in the end thanks to my “best friend.” I ended up coming down with mono right after that and missed a week of school. By the time I came back, she’d turned all of my friends against me because of some stupid crap she said I did on prom night. I spent the end of my senior year friendless. Gotta love high school…not.

I don’t recall the price, but I know we had to buy tickets. Neither prom was a big deal or a right of passage for me. It was just something I did.

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rite of passage)

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My prom, and the dinners before were all excellent. The wacked stuff happened after.

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It was at a function hall. They served food first and then people danced. The cost was $75. Male gender wore tuxedos, female gender wore long dresses. Some people went alone. The party I was with went on a party bus.
My school’s prom was for juniors and seniors. I was invited to go sophomore year by someone but I didn’t want to go because I wasn’t that social. I didn’t end up going my junior year, and senior year I got stuck in drama. The person I was going with my senior year ditched me the night before. Coincidentally, right after that my other friend asked me how I was doing. I told her the situation and she invited me to go with her friends. She got me a boutonniere and even took pictures with me. It was a great night and I ended up sticking with her friends afterwards. It was the first night I got drunk, too.
So it was definitely a rite of passage in many ways.

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You’ll all love this. When I was leaving school we had a ball with the local boys school. It was a formal dance but being in Scotland all the dances were Scottish country dances like the Gay Gordons and The Dashing White Sergeant. I danced with Crispin Bonham Carter. Yes, cousin of…

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My prom took place in the heavily crepe-papered gymnasium of my high school. My friends and I hid bottles of hard liquor under the tablecloth and had a really great time.

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I didn’t go to prom because my boyfriend was away at college and I didn’t care to go alone or with someone else. My older daughter had a great prom and she had a great time. They, of course made a 15-hour thing of it. Dinner, prom, partying and dancing the rest of the night at a bar chartered and liquorless, suspected swimming at the lake or in our pool (but I’m not positive), breakfast and then home around eight. She’ll never forget it. My younger had no interest in anything formal like that.

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It was pretty hideous and it would be better to have not gone. Haven’t gone to another, and have no desire to.

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