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In film, what is the largest set that required the most amount of actual humans?

Asked by pleiades (6576points) May 21st, 2014

Basically what movie recorded the most amount of humans on one shot?

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People thought it was the hospital scene from Gone With The Wind, but many of those figures are mannequins.

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Take your pick from any that featured sports stadia filled to capacity, no CGI or artificial crowds required

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According to a Google link, it was “Ghandi with more than 300,000 cast and crew. Ben Hur was also an immense production.

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I always believed it was Ben Hur.

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Well the scene in the Ten Commandments hired out an entire village to play the exiting Jewish nation from Egypt.

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I was going to guess “Gandhi” before Pachy posted.

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You mean it wasn’t one of the Star Wars movies? Dang.

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I was going to guess Gandhi before @janbb guessed.

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Ben Hur came to my mind too.

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