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What Jellies would you pick to star in a new TV sitcom?

Asked by Kardamom (27330points) May 21st, 2014

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Which jellies would you pick to star in a new TV sitcom and what would be the general outline of the show?

Describe the character’s personalities on the show, and why you chose the particular jellies to play those characters.

Bonus points: find some dialogue that has actually been spoken on Fluther, by the Jellies you have chosen to play the parts. Set the scene, then quote the quotes (try to link to the questions where the quotes were made).

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Question from a non-American: can you define “TV sitcom”?

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@Mimishu1995 The term is short for situation comedy. It usually involves a family, or group of friends or a group of people that work together.

I’m not sure if you have ever seen any American sitcoms, but shows like Friends, The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family and The Office are sitcoms.

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I think I have watched The Office before. Never known it is a sitcom.

Wait for me a bit @Kardamom. This is quite a big idea, so it will take time. I’ll come back later.

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All in the Family. Archie Bunker = darth algar

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