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Did you know that all our questions here become fodder for a Twitter feed?

Asked by Dan_Lyons (5452points) May 22nd, 2014

It’s twue! Which is fine with me. I just didn’t know it.

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Thanks for confirming my hunch :)

P.S: twue?

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It’s Twue

Madeline Kahn from Blazing Saddles (mid 70’s) skip to 1:14.

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A wed wose, how owiginal.

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Fluther questions have been harvested and reposted by any number of question accumulators and redistributors for who knows how long. It used to be on another “Q&A” site that hosted questions from all kinds of other “original content” sites, including Fluther, AnswerBag, Yahoo!Answers and others. It ain’ no thang.

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I think it is a great idea. The link attached to the tweeted Q drives people to the site. I hope.
Unfortunately it gives spammers some undeserved airplay and circulation. While they get banned and deleted from here, their legacy lives on in the Twitterverse.

Maybe there should be a delay of 12 hours before Fluther Questions are retweeted. That way the bad apples are removed and questions are edited correctly.

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@LuckyGuy don’t tell me the world has seen some of my stupid questions…

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I thought we were getting more than our fair share of twits here!

Thanks for the link…my first look at Twitter.
Very uninspiring looking, I must say.

If it increases the traffic, more power.

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No I didn’t. Interesting! I noticed the spammers right away. Funny but unfortunate.

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#yawninglikeahippo #noshitsherlock

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@ucme @whydoyouiwasteyourtime @answeringwithbullshit?

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Calm down ya daft bastard, just having a laff man

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#sowasI #Ineverusedthesehashtagsbefore #nowIseewhysomanypeople #enjoybeeingtwits

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Yah, yah, yah, yah…

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#nowi’macoololdwhiteguywho is hip

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#hip2bsquare #hueylewisandthenews #ilovedaeighties

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:( I didn’t know that. I don’t like it. Makes my stuff FAR too public…

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I hadn’t thought of that, @Dutchess_III. I would possibly be concerned, too, if I know any Twits.
Outside of Fluther, it should go without saying.

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