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Who will win? Oberyn or The Mountain? Game of Thrones.

Asked by tanmaydesai89 (4points) May 22nd, 2014

I am curious about trial by combat in Game of Thrones upcoming episode.

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Oberyn. It wouldn’t makes sense if both he and Tyrion died. Cersei will pay.

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Those of us who have read the books already know. Warning: spoilers ahead.

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I don’t care about spoilers. I cannot wait two weeks.

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Read the book…. It should be an intense episode. Wait for it. It is worth it.

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Damn damn damn…... I haven’t read the books and I thought that Tyrion might end up facing the Mountain himself and because the Mountain never faced a foe that small, that Tyrion would end up cutting the Mountain’s Achilles tendon and kill him dead. Cersei should be blinded and turned mad with syphilis.

I cried when Shae took the stand against Tyrion. Her horrible jealous, misguided revenge broke my heart. It is the worst betrayal yet on that show.

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@cazzie The worst betrayal? Have you forgotten the red wedding?

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Or the greyjoys. That was pretty brutal.

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Read the book. No direct spoilers but I hated how it ended-! LOL Dumb dumb dumb. Someone in the arena would exhibit the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen in a fictional battle scene. : )

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I don’t know @mazingerz88 I thought it pretty brave for a fictional battle scene

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@Unbroken Yes yes it was. I’m referring to the mistake the loser committed during the battle that caused his defeat. But now this question got me thinking. I read the book but what if the show’s makers implemented changes in how the fight happened….hmmmm…

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Well I read the books when they first became a thing… But it seems the show follows pretty closely with the book. Maybe some omissions that disappointed me…. No changes though

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