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Do you use your bank's mobile deposit (take a picture of the check with a smartphone) capability?

Asked by elbanditoroso (22419points) May 22nd, 2014

If so, what do you do with the physical check after you have uploaded the deposit?

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I just hold the check in a folder for a few weeks – just in case there is a problem.

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I do this with all my checks. After I upload I follow my bank’s instructions and write “Deposited” and that day’s date on the top blank area, save it for a few weeks, then destroy and discard it.

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Nope. No need. The vast majority of my finances are direct deposit or debit card, and on the rare occasion I get an actual, physical check, my bank is practically right next door.

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I do what my bank says to do, which is keep the check for 20 days and then destroy it.

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I did this for the first time this week. I kept the check until I saw it had been posted to the account and then I marked it as VOID and put it in my shred bin at work.

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No. What’s a check?

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I do all the time, and similar response as others: I usually write “Mobile Deposit on X” when I deposit it, hold it until it’s fully posted to my account, and the shred it.

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I have not used this feature. I am not sure how – I take a picture of a check, and then how do I send it to my bank? How do they know it’s mine? I guess if I got a lot of checks, I could figure it out or call the bank and find out, but I haven’t seen an actual check for ages.

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I don’t get checks that often (most of my money comes in direct deposit from work) but if I get one, I do mobile deposit. Sure beats having to drive to the back/ATM and waiting in line to make the deposit. Normally, if I get a check, it comes via mail. I can just sit down, take a picture (front/back) of the check (after endorsing of course) and then within minutes, it’s slated to be deposited to my account. No more bank visits/tellers/driving to the bank.


I believe there is some sort of electronic verification done on their end to make sure that it’s “real”. They use the numbers on the bottom of the check. The picture has to be clear enough so they can see your name, the data, the amount, etc. When I endorse on the back, I sign my name and write “For Mobile Deposit Only”.

My bank does have limits. I don’t think they let you deposit more than 3,000 in mobile deposits over the course of a month unless you go through some special secondary verification process.

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@Skaggfacemutt It’s done through the bank’s app (at least, mine is) so it’s secured in that way, since you have to log in and the picture is securely sent straight to the bank with your information. Then, much like at an ATM (or a branch, but it’s been a while since I’ve needed one so I can’t say that for sure), you have to wait a bit (usually a few days) for the full amount of the check to be posted. During this time, the bank looks up the routing and account numbers, checks the balance on that account, checks that the amount you said the check was for matches the image of the check, and that the signature is valid, and then finally withdraws the relevant amount. In case of fraud the check-writing party can always contest the check, but that’s also true of physically depositing checks, and this is why they all suggest that the check is kept until the full amount is posted.

It is a little less secure than physically depositing it, but it’s close to the same level as an ATM will validate. And you can also be sure if a bank was in serious risk of getting slammed with fraud issues they’d never offer it.

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Check? What is that?

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Nope, I can just walk to my bank.

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Yes; with the 2 or 3 checks I might receive in a year. I keep the signed checks with my other bank papers.

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