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Hospitals aside, where were you born?

Asked by Gifted_With_Languages (1137points) May 22nd, 2014

Do you still live there?
Would you like to move elsewhere?
What qualities do you like most about the place?
Would you raise children there?‎

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to all of you.

Thank you.

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In a small manger just outside Bethlehem. My parents had been traveling and couldn’t find a hotel, so we ended up in somebody’s barn.

But I grew up to be pretty important. So the where is less important than the who.

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I was born in Maine. Still live here. I’ve traveled a little, but never lived anywhere else. I love this state. The winters may be harsh sometimes but I like the sparse population. Manhattan alone has more people than the entire state of Maine.

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I was born in Oakland. I live there, or nearby, for 57 years, and recently moved 200 miles away.
I still love Oakland. There is a lot of potential there, but drugs/poverty/crime is crushing that city.

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I was born in Washington, DC, but my parents actually lived in Maryland. When I was 1.5 years old my parents moved back to NY. When I was 9 they moved back to Maryland a little further outside of DC. Being near DC was great in that it was very diverse, good restaurants, and where I happen to live after the age of 9 was one of the first master planned communities in America. Walking paths everywhere, tunnels under streets that led to schools and community pools, basket ball courts, and tennis courts so kids didn’t have to dodge traffic. Green spaces for football and picnics. When I go back I am still struck by the beauty there. Unfortunately, that area has gone a little down hill (more crime and schools are not as good as they were) as many neighborhoods do over time, but it still is very nice visually and it still is a very convenient place to live.

For college I moved to Michigan, after that to Florida, after that NC, then back to Florida, then to Tennessee, and now back to Florida again.

Funny, with Facebook I have been able to find some of my classmates from elementary school in NY, and when I see what they are interested in and their take on life I feel like I am most like them. It seems to me the town I lived in in NY as a very young girl still has a very strong community feel, the schools appear to still be very good and creative, and lately I have wanted to go back and visit. I hope to soon. They still have events at the large park in town/village. Easter egg hunts and Maypole and the ice cream man used to drive by during the day in the summer. You can get into NYC in 30–40 minutes by train or car. Many things are within walking distance if you live near the village center. The library, train stop, stores and restaurants, a grocery store, the park I mentioned and even the elementary school were all walking distance from where I lived.

Having said all of that I love living in Florida. I love the weather. Now we are in the Tampa area so it is a little cooler than when I lived in southeast FL and so our windows are open often, which I very much enjoy. Although, I do miss some things about the east coast of Florida. I feel most at home here, but I would move back to any of the places I have lived. My least favorite was probably NC, and if I was raising children I would be reluctant to live in TN or NC past the 3rd grade.

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I was born and raised in my house.

I don’t want to move since I have been living here for 18 years.

Maybe, I’ll die there too :)

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Miami, Florida. Lived there for ten years and then moved to Lexington, KY. I visit Miami about once a year, and I can without a doubt say that I love Lexington more.

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I was born and raised just north of Boston, MA. I now live slightly more north of Boston.

I love it here and have no intention of moving. I’m more interested in visiting many other places, which I’ve been lucky enough to do some of.

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I was born in Providence, RI, and lived in a few other places in New England. Now I’m living in New Hampshire.
Would you like to move elsewhere? Yes. I want to go back to Boston. Providence is going from commercial to residential.
What qualities do you like most about the place? I love how everything was in walking distance. Here in NH some things are and some things aren’t. The worst thing is that there’s no gym nearby.
_Would you raise children there?_‎ I don’t want children but the neighborhood I was in in Providence was not my favorite.

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I was born in a hospital with less than a dozen rooms in a small town of 2500 people. It was okay to grow up in, but I want more resources nearby. I live outside of a city of 7500, with another 6000 around it.

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I was born in Denver and have lived about ⅔ of my life so far in Colorado. I live in western Massachusetts now and I want to stay here forever. I’m almost reluctant to visit Adi’s neck of the woods because I’m afraid I might like it even more.

Favorite qualities of Colorado, there’s so many…the mountains, of course. The giant pine forests. Legalized marijuana. The people – Coloradans are a fun bunch. The friends and family I have out there.

I’d raise kids in Colorado, but would prefer New England for that – it’s like Calvin and Hobbes Land out here. My backyard is totally where they went sledding. Plus there’s the great schools and all that.

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Caution: this is a common password recovery question.

I was born in a small town on the Straits of San Juan de Fuca in Washington. I moved away at less than 9 months, as the oil refinery my father was building was finished. Went back once in 1962.

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I was born under a wanderin star, what a fucking terrible singer Lee Marvin was

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Albuquerque N. M. Then lived in Santa Fe/ Taos for my younger childhood years.
My father was an Architect for the Bureau of Indian Affairs and built schools and hospitals throughout the southwest. I then lived in CA. with a 2 yr. stint back in N.M. in my middle school years, then back to CA. and here I still am.

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@zenvelo Good point. I always thought it was a stupid recovery question. Just like mother’s maiden name is not too swift either.

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England, and no, I have lived here in Texas since the last ice age I believe.

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I was born in a Los Angeles suburb in the San Gabriel Valley, but that’s as specific as I’ll go.

I do not live in the city that I was born in, but one city over. It’s a bit smaller and has a few more gang-related problems. In a few months, I won’t even live in the same state though. So, yes, I would like to move elsewhere.

I don’t really know what qualities I would associate with the city. It’s not terrible, but it’s also not very impressive. I guess the most positive thing I can say is that is extremely diverse in terms of minority representation. However, it is quite conservative in terms of liberal causes that I care about. As a result, I would not want to raise a family in this area.

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I was born in Hammond, Indiana. I have not lived in Indiana since 1971. No, I would not move back there, mostly because of the weather. Yuck!

I liked the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry, Wrigley Field, the Sand Dunes and Turkey Run. I liked the New Moon Chinese restaurant, Angelo’s Pizza, Lum’s, and Italian beef sandwiches.

The best thing that I got from Indiana was a superior education. Indiana spends a lot more per student on education than most of the western states. But I do love the weather and the scenery in the west.

So, my suggestion is to get your education in the east, and then live in the west.

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In a galaxy





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Portsmouth, England. I don’t still live there but I really enjoy going back to visit. I probably wouldn’t live there again though.

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Lubbock, Texas.

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Born in Las Vegas, Nevada

Do you still live there? No

Would you like to move elsewhere? I already have

What qualities do you like most about the place? None that immediately spring to mind. I have an aunt and cousin still living there and they want to move away.

Would you raise children there?‎ Not at all

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Vegas sucks, freaking about 120 degrees, nothing but dirt and rocks and cactus and scrub brush. It’s not even a pretty desert like Arizona. I wouldn’t live in Vegas for all the money in the world. Not to mention sin city, so not my thing.

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@Coloma Red Rocks Canyon is pretty dope. I hike it every Vegas trip.

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@wildpotato Okay…you make a great point, let’s have a happy brownie camp out there. :-)

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Staten Island, NY. And I never use this as my password recovery question. Actually, when possible, I use a quote from a Dr. Seuss book. Haha.

I lived there until I was 8½, when I was moved against my will to the hellhole that is Tampa Bay. Grew up in a meth-head town called Hudson, moved to Tampa proper about 5 years ago and now I live just north of the city in Lutz. Come visit sometime.

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