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Would you buy this under any circumstance?

Asked by Unbroken (10690points) May 22nd, 2014

I saw a shrimp truck today. The guy had big plywood signs advertising Kodiak shrimp. At first I was incredulous. We live in the interior so I’ve never noticed this before.

Would you buy your shrimp off of the back of someone’s truck? Under what circumstance? And if you wouldn’t why not?

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We have a guy that comes down our road periodically selling frozen foods. (It is like an adult version of the ice cream man.) The company is Schwan’s and it is very nice if you are housebound or cannot drive. Look at the website and the picture of the truck. Did it look like the ones shown?

I checked prices once and thought they were high, but someone has to pay for delivery, right? I bought some steaks a long time ago and thought they were delicious.and good quality.
Wow. I looked at the website and see they now sell all kinds of things.

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We buy fresh fish ( Akule ) while in Hawaii, shrimp truck in North Carolina and Maine sometimes a lobster. Also use to go to the docks in Rhode Island and get the fish straight off the boat.

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Schwans looks nice, @LuckyGuy.

How do you ascertain the quality, freshness, competitive nature of its price, @Tropical_Willie

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Most are the fisherman or fisherwomen. Like they say it doesn’t get any fresher than just caught. My mom used to have a neighbor that was a teacher at a high school during the school year, he had sixty pots for lobster. Some weeks he would drop off two or three no charge for my mom and dad.

Prices were same as local supermarkets.

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You had some very nice neighbors.

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@LuckyGuy The Schwan’s Truck is the best! Especially try the Chicken Cordon Bleu!

They sell allegedly wild Alaskan Salmon on the side of the road sometimes around here. Also corn on the cob and Mexican food. I have never bought any, but these guys are constantly selling to someone.

I would not buy shrimp off the truck.

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Yeah I guess I remain a little leery. We are several hundred miles from the coast. The guy is in a truck with homemade signs. How long and under what condition have the shrimp been out of the water, did he obtain these legally and if so why isn’t he selling them to vendors and restaurateurs? Though it is tempting it is hard to find shrimp for the kitchen table that are not farmed.

Though wild caught over here is a little more questionable these days since were close enough to Japan and its leaky nuclear reactor… Blue fish anyone? And yes I am mostly serious.

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@Dan_Lyons @Unbroken You know the Schwan’s truck is temperature controlled and very likely has a data logger to prove it stayed within the required temperature range. I can’t say the same for an unmarked truck. That would bother me.
On the other hand I am the guy who eats anything and has no trouble eating expired food. I might give it a try if it was cheap, and the guy has repeat customers (he returns to the same place at the same time each day/week.)

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In the coastal Northeast they sell crabs out of the back of pickup trucks. They’re still alive and in paper bags. I figure if they’re alive they’re fresh, and crabs and shrimp are the vacuum cleaners of the waterbeds. They eat decay, so quality is always kind of gross to think about.

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