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Boost your HGH and Testosterone?

Asked by YulandaMaggart (4points) May 22nd, 2014

Somatodrol is one of the best supplement that I have ever used in my life. Yes, this supplement provided me lean muscle mass and helped me increase my testosterone as well as HGH level. I absolutely loved this solution.

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Does it come with a free penis enlarger? It’s not for me, of course. I certainly have no need for a penis enlarger, heh, heh. It’s for my friend, but it’s a surprise, so could you send it to my address with my order of Somatodrol? And do you have any of those pneumatic anatomically correct life sized dolls? The Marilyn Monroe one? It’s not what you think. My church is casting a play here and we just need a dead blonde behind the couch for three acts, but nobody wants to play that part. Yeah, that would be really cool. Make sure it’s the Marilyn Monroe one. With the vibrator option.

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