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When was the last time you looked in your Spam folder?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26871points) May 23rd, 2014

I looked in my Spam recently to see if an expected email ended up there because I had not seen in my inbox. The stuff my email blocked from me ever seeing, I had no ideal people attempted to send me. When was the last time you looked in your Spam folder and was there things that surprised you in content or had you thinking, ”how did they get my email address”?

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Last week same reason. And I apparently inherited a ton of money. I am just waiting on them to send the money to the bank accounts I gave them

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^ I certainly hope you are joking or those accounts better have been empty when you gave the numbers, or they will be empty soon.

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I get an automatic notification weekly.

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I never knew i had Indian relatives :P

yes I am kidding

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I don’t usually look. I will now! There were about a dozen emails from different women at Milfaholic who like my profile. And, there were countless meds and devices for sale so I can please them all – probably at the same time.

@Unbroken Are you related to Sanjay Gupta too?

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About once a week, but nothing important has been snagged in years.

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I look every few days. The algorithms that assign email to the spam folder are not perfect. There are regularly false positives in there. People should check.

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Yesterday. And just realized that an important email for me ended up there, along with some stupid spams. It dated back a week ago :’(

No wonder why I waited for it but couldn’t see it last week.

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I check every week when school is in session, mostly to prevent students from claiming that their email must have gone to my Spam folder. When school isn’t in session, I check about once a month. The last time I checked was two weeks ago, right before I turned in my grades for the semester. I don’t remember finding anything surprising at the time.

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No… But maybe we can play matchmaker… Cept sanjay would have to take her name… Ileana Gupta doesn’t mesh at all and sanjay patil has a nice flow to it…

Wait…. How much money is in the estate… Ileana can’t associate with gold diggers…lol

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I check every day. I am waiting for my Nigerian Princess to send me more money via Western Union!

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I go there every few days and delete it all each time. Some of my legit mail may end up in it, which is why I like to check. I also like to delete it all asap.

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I delete it daily

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I empty the folder several times a day.
That makes detecting mail that isn’t spam much easier.

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I check it regularly for that exact reason. Sometimes legit mail ends up in the spam folder for some reason.

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