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Do you like people?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (14757points) May 23rd, 2014

As asked. Answer honestly.

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Not all! All my life though I’ve enjoyed great friends. Since I moved to the UK I have none, it’s been tough. I do have a natural warmth towards people.

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Not in general.

Certain groups of people are awesome. They’re rare gems.

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Sure, I love people. I only make exceptions for people whom I dislike.

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Some people. I like a lot of the people on Fluther. Not many people in real life have proven to be similar to most Jellies, though.

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Not really.

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Mostly no.

There are some exceptions, but those tend to be people that can keep up with me. They may not always agree with me, but at least they can disagree intelligently and logically.

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I like nice people.

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I love fun, good natured, playful, humorous, intelligent, self aware, kind, thoughtful and engaging people.
I do not like grumpy, ignorant, uptight, overly serious, unaware and illiterate people.
Sooo…this balances out to liking about one out of every 107 people I meet. lol

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Some I like. Others are just a nuisance of sorts. Most amuse me in their behaviors and interactions while I puzzle over, “why?”

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Very much. There are some people I don’t feel too fondly about but in the main, yes.

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I like almost everyone. Someone has to pull some seriously egregious bullshit for me to not like them. Like, I truly believe that 99.9% of people have some sort of endearing or redeeming quality (or a few!) that makes you root for them and like them. Beyond the casual friendliness of liking, there are a handful of people where I feel something more substantial for them. I guess you could say I love those people. As Emily Dickinson says, “the soul selects her own society.”

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I like most people just fine when they are not around.

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No. And the list of reasons stretches on, and on, and on (although, I think number one is selfishness).

For the most part, people suck. Even some of the people closest to me are shitty characters. But, to be fair, there are few things that warm my heart more than the kindness of total strangers. Those few gems make interacting with the outside world worthwhile.

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In general? No. The masses annoy me to no end. I may like certain individuals, but even then, not really.

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Ofcourse I do. Why would I not like them? I am a part of the ‘people’ community. Am I not !?
I have a certain level of warmth towards people. I mean I am not a saint. But I don’t really disapprove them.

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@Haleth that’s very true.

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I like most everyone when I can deal with them one-on-one. I can usually find a common ground and relate to something they are discussing.

However, when dealing with people on a less personal level while moving around in public, I find many to be inconsiderate to outright selfish. They’ll stop right in the middle of the grocery aisle or sidewalk oblivious to the others who might be in the same area. They’ll talk very loudly in a fancy restaurant or on public transportation, rather than using what we used to call our “inside” voices. Don’t get me started in how they drive!

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I don’t really classify it in terms of like/dislike. I respect all people, and am a people-watcher. Actions and interactions intrigue me. I never stop to decide if I like some stranger or not in my interactions. I’m just nice until I feel I shouldn’t be. I don’t go out of my way to be rude, and if I don’t care for an individual I just stay away from them.

So basically it’s all about me and I don’t feel one way or another for the general masses.

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I generally like people but I’m introverted so I don’t care to be around them very much. Most people have enough redeeming qualities to make up for their imperfections. It’s actually somewhat rare to find people who are just rotten. I find it hard to judge people without knowing their whole situation. When I do most of their behaviors are explainable. There have been some that are enigmas and their bad behavior simply cannot be explained. I try to stay the hell away from them when I identify them. They’re usually psychopathic.

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Well..the fine art of conversation needs to be studied by the majority. I try very hard to engage and ask questions about others when I meet them. I have had two dates in the last month with 50 something guys that have basically just held me hostage for over an hour talking non-stop all about themsellves. Neither asked me even ONE question about myself, life, interests, etc.!

I was the initiator of inquiry, such as ” Do you have any pets?”, “What type of movies do you like?”, ” What are your interests?, and “attempted to introduce some current event topics to shift the focus off of their self absorbed ” All about me”, monologues. Gah!
Needless to say there will not be any second meetings. haha

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Certain ones and in small doses.

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@Coloma…and that’s why they are single at 50

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People as a whole? No, not really. But there are many individual people that I like/love.

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Yes. Sometimes no.

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Depends on the people. Assholes, no. Considerate people yes.

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@mazingerz88 Hey I like you. If the zombie apocalypse happens we’ll have each other’s backs and go do fighting.

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Wish that would happen soon. I’m bored to death-! LOL We need @Symbeline if we want to last more than a week. :)

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^^^@Symbeline is one of the fluther icons. I hope she comes back soon. I love her to pieces!

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Didn’t even know @Symbeline left-! Awwww…. :(

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Yes, I like most people but there are a few that I could do without. I don’t like arrogant, hoity-toity, sanctimonious people.

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