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Is it possible to recycle CD jewel cases? How can I get rid of them?

Asked by lizabright (16points) July 12th, 2007

I have more than 400 jewel cases that are in fairly good shape. Why would anyone want them?

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You might as well try posting them in the "free" section of ...there are art students who need all sorts of weird things like that.

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Art could be an interesting concept

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I second the craigslist suggestion - or any other way you know locally to donate/give away. Lots of people (including myself) use them.

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Local middle or lower school art department?

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I sold CD cases (7 years ago) for 25 cents, probably a hundred of them, at a garage sale. So, they are probably worth less now...

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The Treehugger blog also recommends this service, which will recycle CDs and cases, along with other electronics, for a fee:

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put them in the recycling bin they are plastic and can be recycled

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