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Is it normal for a guy to reject a girl because of the appearance of her vagina?

Asked by marksonos (298points) May 24th, 2014

I had a strange talk with my best friend today about vaginas and how different they are. My male best friend said he would be with girls with a certain shaped vagina and said others gross him out.

Is this true? I’ve never even heard of men complaining about vaginas! Would a guy simply reject a future with someone after seeing her vagina?

Is there an uglier or a prettier vagina? What do men generally consider a pretty vagina?

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Wow, a whole new level of shallow male.

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What the? Does he really have the opportunity to examine that many?
What is he, a gynecologist?

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@LuckyGuy I’ve heard multiple guy friends say they would only eat a girl out if her vagina was pretty. They think some vaginas are just ugly looking!

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“Dude, what are you doing down there with that flashlight?”
Yeah, someone has their priorities mixed up. Penis’ aren’t pretty either.

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@chyna Some penis’ are prettier though. I don’t mind it at all, but aesthetically speaking I find some more appealing than others.

It’s all about personality for me so it doesn’t matter anyway. Haha

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@marksonos That is ridiculous. “multiple guy friends”? Don’t fall for that BS. If the guy complains, then just say “No”. You are not interested in him.
Ask him when was the last time he looked at his wrinkly nut sack. Ask him to have surgery to tighten it up a bit since sagging Mr Wrinkles reminds you of your elderly grandfather.

And why on Earth are you having these conversations with multiple guys? Hell, I am guy and never discussed that even with other guys.

Unless there was a tattoo of Pinocchio on her labia I can’t imagine not being interested in a vagina.

The guys are idiots. (And spend too much time watching porn.)

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@LuckyGuy Oh no my good guy friends! They talk to me about girls they hook up with. None have seen mine.

But regardless you are hilarious and I agree with everything you’ve said. It struck me how three of my friends made these comments about vaginas. Today, one of my friends said he would only go down on a girl with a ‘pretty’ vagina.

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Um, only if it looked like a penis. I mean exactly like a penis.

I did have a friend who raved about how attracted a certain girls vagina was. Curiosity got the better of me, and when I bedded her, I was underwhelmed. Not memorable.

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Where are you finding these shallow douchebags? “Baby I love you, would you make love to me? Ugh you have an ugly vagina, get out of my life” What the fuck?

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The only time that the sight of a vagina would turn me off is if it had herpes sores and or venereal warts.

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I can’t say I have ever been turned off by the sight of a vagina. Usually the opposite happens.

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@marksonos Oh and while you’re at it, tell the guy with high vaginal standards that you’ve watched the same porn flicks and have standards too. He’d better be packing a 10 incher and last a full 30 minutes minimum like they do in all the movies.

That’s when guys start to realize porn vids are not real.

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There are actually guys who have a fear of vaginas. It might be called misogyny. This guy definitely needs to see a psychiatrist ASAP.
As for only eating out a pretty vagina, hahaha. Last time I was down there it seems I was so close in I could no longer see the darn thing.
I could look up and see her face and breasts, so I reached up and played with them while causing her to shriek out, OH MY GOD! as she scraped my arms and back bloody.

It was great. I love vaginas.

P.S. @LuckyGuy my usual was more like 45 minutes!

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I’ve heard of some seriously flappy and large roast beef curtains down there. It would be a turn-off for me, and if they were mine I’d have plastic surgery. Moose knuckles are not attractive in yoga pants and bathing suits.

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I’ve been around a long time and have never heard a guy say, or heard of a guy saying, he would reject a woman because of the appearance of her vaja.The fact that you use the words girl and boy is important.

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It’s not normal. He is a moron.

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I never heard of this either. If a guy was so shallow to say such a thing, who needs him? I would tell him to go jerk off.

@marksonos: I hope this is not one of the guys who you hooked up with.

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For a guy to even have access to her vagina, he would have to really be into her and her into him and then to bail because her vagina was not up to some centerfold status would make him a first class douchebag. I would then look at this friend who said this in a much different light.

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@syz word.

Notwithstanding, esthetically, they are just another organ. Like a penis, in fact, much like a penis, there are probably variables. Boobs are an example. However, you either prescribe to Da Vinci or you do not. If not, then its subjective and personal. For one, I’ve never met a vagina I didn’t like. See Scent of a Woman. The train scene. And good question.

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Now I can officially say I’ve heard it all.

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Depends on the guy .

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