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Should I go brunette, or should I stay blonde?

Asked by marksonos (298points) May 24th, 2014

I am a naturally blonde girl. I’ve had my natural hair for as long as I can remember. If I dye my hair brown (because I’m bored) how often would I have to do my roots?

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In general, nature’s a very competent decorator and colorist. You likely have the right complexion to complement your hair color, and the right hair color to flatter your skin. Brunette might be too harsh and severe for your palette. If I were you, I’d stay with my true hair. Boredom can be easily overcome with a new hobby or interest.

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You will have to do your roots every 4–8 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows and how dark you go. You can do a temporary dye (Natural Instincts makes a temp dye that you can buy in the drug store) and most of it will wash out in about 6 weeks. It might not completely go back to the shade of blonde you have now. You also could do low lights, like how brunettes do highlights, just in the reverse. It’s more expensive than doing an all over color (single process) if you get it done at a salon.

If you dye your hair yourself keep in mind that the dye ften looks darker on your head than the picture on the box, so go for a light shade of brown your first time experimenting.

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I think it depends. Some girls look much better brunette and some look better blonde.

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I went red about three years ago, and I’ve never turned back.

I definitely recommend starting off with a demipermanant dye in a shade that appeals to you (remember that your natural hair colour will affect the resulting colour. The lighter your natural hair, the lighter the result. A platinum blonde will need a shade or two darker than a dishwater blonde. It will fade within a few weeks and wash out completely in about three months. At least this way you won’t be married to the result.

I am a natural golden blonde with strawberry lowlights, and my father’s mother was a redhead, so I had a feeling that red would work for me. I did a demipermanent in an orangey auburn, and loved it immensely. I look quite young in the face, and the more intense hair colour took away the immediate “Alice in Wonderland” face I presented. I still don’t look my age (28) but it’s a lot better than it was.

Since the demi-perm worked so well, I switched to henna, which is permanent and doesn’t even fade. I henna my hair once every three months or so, when I start to look blonde when I pull my hair into a ponytail.

I have no experience with permanent chemical dyes, but I found a site that has pretty legit-sounding advice.

Best of luck!

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Stay blonde. If you are looking for a change get highlights.

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Stay blonde. And thanks.

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Pictures would help.

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@Seek “I went red about three years ago, and I’ve never turned back.”

I’m SO envious! I’ve always wanted auburn or red hair. I experimented with red, many years ago, and I looked dreadful. I just don’t have the right skin tones to be a redhead.

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You are very attractive with either red or blonbe hair. Do whatever makes you feel better about yourself.

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@seek In both photos, you look absolutely beautiful.

An observation – the red version of your hair is aglow with blonde undertones and highlights. I still think that Mother Nature intended for you to be blonde.

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She also gave me bad feet and nearsightedness. I don’t trust Mother Nature’s judgment.

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@Seek Red fits you well.

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Thanks. ^_^

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Mother nature definitely screws up a lot of things.

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