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Do you know anything about Relocation Assistance?

Asked by GloPro (8311points) May 24th, 2014 from iPhone

A government agency purchased the land my house is on and I have until September to move before they raze the building.

They have assigned me a Relocation Assistance Agent. Should I hire a lawyer? He seems to be intent on finding me any 2 BR/1BA condo or apartment anywhere in Tahoe.

I currently live in 1,000 sq. ft. Apartment with only one neighbor, within walking distance of most things I do regularly, with beach access. I have kayaks right on the beach and a small private stairway from the beach to my place.

California Code stipulates that they find a comparable dwelling for me. Although the government purchased this land for expanded public beach access, the agent lists my apartment as having a beach view, which is not an amenity. I contend that I have beach access, which is definitely an amenity. I’m not sure what to do.

Any other info anyone has about Relocation Assistance Programs is also appreciated.

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I would at least consult with a Real Estate attorney. Probably $150 well spent.

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You might get steered in the right direction if you call your Congressman. He has aides who will look into where you can get answers (or get you the answers themselves).

People often overlook political representatives, but they work for us.

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Big bummer! It seems you are indeed entitled to a comparable place to live with similar accesses to what you currently enjoy.

A comparable replacement dwelling must be DSS and functionally equivalent to your present dwelling. While not necessarily identical to your present dwelling, a comparable replacement dwelling should provide for the same utility and function as the dwelling from which you are being displaced. In addition, a comparable replacement dwelling should be

Adequate in size to accommodate the occupants (e.g., you and your family).
Located in an area that is not subject to unreasonable adverse environmental conditions.
Located in an area that is not less desirable than your present location with respect to public utilities and commercial and public facilities.
Reasonably accessible to your place of employment.
Located on a site that is typical in size for residential development with normal site improvements.
Currently available on the private market.
Within your financial means.

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That sucks @GloPro. Emminent Domain has uprooted more people than I can ever imagine. It sounds like your present locale is one step this side of Heaven.
I hope they do you right.

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