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Are you, or have you been a member of any boards or organizations? If so, do the people in charge bicker and exhibit their personality differences?

Asked by jca (35976points) May 25th, 2014

Are you a member of any boards or organizations? Have you ever been? If so, do the members bicker? Do they exhibit other bad behavior? Are they united and a team, or divided?

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Yup, yeah,yes, oh yes,you bet, sometimes, and sometimes.

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Yes and yes.

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Yes, aaaaallllll the time.

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No, but my dad was a staff member of a Human Rights Commission. He said that people constantly interrupted each other and raised their voices during meetings, which is why my dad resigned a few years later.

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Yes I have been. Yes they bickered and exhibited bad behavior. The team was rarely united but usually after long drawn our discussions we would come to some agreement.

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Yes, what they all ^^^ said. I noticed, too, that the amount of bickering and pissy-ness was mostly in inverse proportion to the gravity of the issue.

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Yes, I was the Chief Justice of the college’s Supreme Court.

What @canidmajor said!

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Yes I was and there were always power struggles over the long haul. Meetings were always on task but it was outside the meetings where power plays would be pulled behind peoples backs. Kinda childish BS and a reason I don’t volunteer for those committees unless it is super important to me.

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I have been and yes, it’s the most irritating experience! Especially when you’re the type of person who just gets things done!

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