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Do you get annoyed when people crunch on popcorn (with their mouth open) in the movie theater?

Asked by rockfan (11388points) May 25th, 2014

It drives me up the wall. To the point that I feel like leaving the movie.

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Anyone making any noise in the movie theater (beyond, maybe, blending in ‘laugh track style’) drives me to distraction.

I seldom visit the movie theater for that reason.

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Yes. Extremely annoying, extremely distracting, extremely inconsiderate.

One time some guy sat next to me in a crowded theater, eating his buttery popcorn and then licking his fingers one by one and wiping his fingers on his shirt. I was happy that at least he had a small bag of it, but he seemed to be eating one piece at a time. I seriously contemplated whether I would get arrested if I ripped the bag out of his hands, threw it and said “You’re done.” I decided against it. There were no others seats so I couldn’t move anywhere. Really gross and annoying.

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I think I’m too busy with the movie to even notice someone crunching anything.

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Anyone chewing with their mouth open in any situation makes me crazy! In a movie theater it is probably slightly less annoying because it is dark and I can’t see the food and being engaged in the movie helps me tune out the awful sound it makes. Now the situation @jca describes would be too much for me to stand – I would have no choice but to get up and move. No seats? I’d leave the theater and request a refund or ticket to another show, the assault and battery charge I might face if I stayed would cost much more than I lost on the ticket!

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I never sit close enough to anyone to notice. We never go to movies on opening weekend, so the theater is usually pretty empty by the time we decide to go see a movie. I hate sitting close to a bunch of people I don’t know.

What does annoy me is the glow from cell phones when people are texting. You can see the glare from several rows away. It’s a major distraction.

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@turtlesandbox: My daughter had a dance recital recently and the amount of people with cell phones out, photographing and videoing is too many for the staff to even try to regulate. Every event I go to with kids, there are audience members photographing.

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@jca I was at an off-Broadway play in NYC once and the actor diverted from the scene to tell someone to shut of their goddamn phone. Then went right back into character. I don’t think anyone else dared to pull another phone out.

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@GloPro: That’s great!

What would probably be helpful is at the beginning of movies, when they have the thing on the screen that says “Please turn off your phones” it should also say something like “Please don’t use your smart phone during the show.” People are rude and inconsiderate and/or may not realize how their behavior affects others.

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people eating and crunching wrappers are one of the reasons why I don’t go to many movies. In my opinion it is so rude. Especially when going to the movies is no longer a cheap night out.

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My daughter can’t even go to the theater because of it. She just waits for it to come out on DVD or Netflix.

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I have not been at a cinema for a decade.

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How do you know that the person’s mouth is open? When I’m at a movie, I tend to look at the screen. Not at the mouth of the person behind me (or next to me).

I can’t get worked up about this, at all. They sell popcorn. People eat it. it’s part of the moviegoing experience.

To me, this is an example of a person looking to be “offended” – going out of his/her way to make a stink where it is not merited.

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It is too dark for me to tell if their mouths are open or closed when they are eating during a movie.

But I bet what would have really driven you bananas is if you were at a movie back in the 70s when my buddies and I would light up cigarettes right there in our seats and smoke the whole dang thing during the movie.
{I’m guessing when we sparked up[ the spliff would have been even worse}.

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@elbanditoroso How dare you ruin my movie experience eating concessions! Asshole. Eat them during the previews like the rest of us.
I actually stop chewing my nachos when there’s a dark, quiet moment. But that’s because I’m a weirdo.
And that old lady with the cough drop wrapper in the pew behind me at church during a prayer? Don’t even get me started! ~

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@elbanditoroso , it’s a distinctly different sound.

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Haha..I’m pretty easy going, I go to the movies pretty often, but yes, more so than crunching popcorn it is the crinkling wrappers of stuff that annoy me. recently there was some guy behind me and I swear, he mush have brought his own knapsack of snacks. Non-stop crinkling wrappers.
I do what @GloPro does, if I am eating something that makes noise I stop eating/chewing during the silent moments. lol

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I think if I heard non stop crinkling of wrappers, I would probably turn around and say something.

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Like “hey buddy, next time use ziplock bags, would ya?”

Maybe with the turn off your phone screen they should add a “Open your boxes, bags, and wrappers now” screen. All together now!

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Everybody, phones off, wrappers unwrapped!

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Well you guys, ya know…with the rash of movie theater shootings the last year or so, probably not a good idea to text your babysitter pr throw popcorn at someone. lol
Pretty damn sad when you have to think about this stuff.

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Guess I’m just a fogey, but I get annoyed at people in movie theaters for a whole lot more than that including coming in late, ratting candy wrappers, talking loudly, using cell phones, sitting too close to me, and not quieting their kids. Which is why I do most of my movie watching these days at home on my 60” TV!!!

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People eating anything with their mouths open, regardless of where they are, is incredibly annoying.

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When I go to a move I am either going just before a dinner date or just after. I have no trouble at all sitting and watching a movie for 90 minutes without eating or drinking something.
In fact, I enjoy it more. My hands stay clean; my clothes don’t get covered in crumbs; and I can hear the dialog better.

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@LuckyGuy Me too, rarely do I eat anything, I do bring a bottle of water in my purse for a sip if I am thirsty, but, don’t want to have to go to the bathroom, so a pre-movie fast is in order.
I have all kinds of free sodas and popcorn tickets that I never use.

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@elbanditoroso It’s really easy to tell if someone is eating popcorn with their mouth open without looking at them.

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I never hear pop corn crunching, probably because it’s always so loud in movie theaters. What does get on my tits are people sitting behind me who, for some reason, are always hitting my seat. Not hard, but it seems like their feet are always bumping into the seat like every 30 seconds. Fuck those people.

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^^ I got so into a movie recently that I kicked the guy in front of me in the back of the head. I have no idea how it happened. I blame temporary possession. I felt terrible and spent the rest of the movie focused on sitting still.

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@GloPro, I would have loved to see that! Ha!

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I saw “Godzilla” last week and there were two old hippie guys next to me, a couple seats over just going nuts, clapping, cheering, they were a riot. I was surprised how many of us “older” peeps were in the audience, I think we outnumbered the youngsters. Go Godzilla!

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Lol, thank God I wasn’t in that theater

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I heard that movie was another disappointment.

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@rockfan They were hilarious! @ragingloli It was entertaining, not the best movie I have seen this year, but hey….ya gotta go to the show to know.

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Bah, I would rather watch Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla again.

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I’d rather just lay in my bed and watch “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” again, cheering that bitch Taylor on again.

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I saw ” Million Dollar Arm” yesterday. great little movie. No crunching popcorn bothered me.

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