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What message would you get, if a company you applied to has a high turn over rate in staff?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (18998points) May 25th, 2014

Just wondering, a few companies I know of have a super high turn over rate of drivers ( yes it’s a trucking company), but I know of other companies as well that have high turn over rates.
Do you think those last employees were all bad?
Do you think this job must suck?
Do you think this companies management needs to go back to school?
Do you not care about any of that and try the job anyway?

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Let’s see. It is now incredibly difficult to find work. The rent is due in a week. all those darn bills are coming due.
And I won’t know what the problem is with this company until….

Is there any way to talk to any of the drivers who were recently released?
Have you asked the management of the company why the high turnover rate?

My biggest concern would be that the company is failing to pay the drivers. I have seen this happen before at other work places.

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If it is an industry that is notorious for high turnover I might not think much of it. I don’t know the turnover rate in trucking.

If their turnover is higher than normal for the industry I would guess the management sucks, pay might be low, and there might be an overall lack of focus on employees and company culture.

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I do know that truck driving is a brutal, demanding job.
Yes, you drive trucks. Sometimes there is bad traffic that slows you down. You also have to wait on being loaded and off loaded, and when you are at the docks with a full load, half an hour to go before 5 and 20 trucks ahead of you on a Friday night, meaning at the very least a nights layover, with no additional pay, life sucks, and you will want to quit.
Look at this job, and balance out your needs with how much shit you can eat.

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@filmfann What does your answer have to do with the question?
I never said anything about my job, my job I never have to wait to load, since I am the one loading my truck, unloading is another drivers job, yeah I put in long days 14 hours but I do get a 4 day weekend every weekend I work 4on and 4 off, and before you think I only work half a year I put in 224hours a month .
The companies I am talking about go through drivers like water, the horror stories you hear I am surprised they can get anyone to work for them at all, like countless of unpaid wait hours,company policies that hinder not enhance and so on, but they are still in business.

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High turnover is a very bad sign in a company. Run like hell.

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Regardless of the reason, there can be no greater indictment on the degree of misery involved than the fact that nobody sticks around.

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I’ve gone so far as to ask in interviews why the person I’m replacing has left.

Watching hiring managers squirm is kind of fun.

But to answer your question: High turnover says, to me, that the company is both careless in hiring, and unconcerned with putting an investment in their human capital.

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