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Do you scold people who blatantly litter in your presence?

Asked by GloPro (8404points) May 25th, 2014 from iPhone

As asked.

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No. I don’t ever see people litter.

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No, I don’t scold people. I pick up the litter, and throw it away properly. They get the message.

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Do you? With the nut jobs out there today you might end up stuffed in the trash barrel your self I think @filmfann approach is the best.

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Well, I have a private beach access that people cross constantly all day every day all summer. Yeah, I’m a dick.

I also live on in a town with a ton of forest service and BLM land that would be severely impacted (and has been, several times) by an asshole throwing a cigarette butt and causing a fire. Conditions are prime for wildfires in California.

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Where I live, I don’t see that. Where I work, I wouldn’t. If I were you, I wouldn’t scold people for fear of retribution.

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@jca I don’t attack anyone. I ask them to leave no trace.

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I give them the look. I might even stare them down. And if they want to take it to a verbal level, I can do that or better if they want to make the first move. But I never scold and never initiate beyond the look. They know they’re being an asshole and when they see me glaring at them, they know that other people know. They either pick it up or slink away.

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I’m not a very intimidating person, so no, I don’t say or do anything unless it’s someone I know.

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Definitely not.

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Nah, I just pop off a few rounds in their direction.

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I have no problem speaking up if I witness any, less than decent, behaviors. I point blank asked a woman the other day that was leaving her dog in the car on the way into the market if she was planning on leaving her dog in the car.
She got all sheepish and nervous and swore it was only for a minute. It wasn’t super hot, but, I told her that I’d be watching. haha
Littering, animal abuse, stupidity, and other rascally crap, you bet…I’m a bold little blonde and do not fear confrontation.

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It really depends on where the littering is taking place.
Personally, I don’t feel you can be littering tossing trash out onto the streets of a major metropolitan area which, in my opinion, is itself litter. What with all the concrete and asphalt and tarmac littering what once was pristine country.
However, an area like Tahoe? Heck yes I would say something.

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@Dan_Lyons I was up in the Sierras today and picked up a rotten bungie cord, a piece of glass, a muddy tee shirt by the river and various other bits and pieces of crap. One of my major life passions, respect for nature and care of our natural environments.
Personally I find it hilarious to call people out and I have a firm, but diplomatic as well as humorous approach that stuns people. Not hard for me to render people speechless with a measure of finesse. haha

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@Coloma I have a “Pack Your Trash” bumper sticker on my car!

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@Dan_Lyons I think you should modify it a wee bit….

“Pack your trash or I’ll kick your ass. ” lol

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I like that @Coloma. And were I thirty years younger, in my late twenties, I would probably do just that!

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@Dan_Lyons I know…ah, but we still have that inner spice. haha
I felt like that at the river today, if I tried to swim across now I’d probably have a coronary in the cold water. lol

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@Coloma I still swim in extreme ocean conditions that most twenty year-olds just shake their heads at me when they see me out there.—

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^^^ Strong heart. I’d be gasping and sink like a stone. I used to be a really strong swimmer, now I just dunk and splash like a a 4 yr. old. lol

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I am completely amazed at the strength I possess at this late stage of the game!

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Rarely. I don’t see people litter that often thank goodness. If some littered at my community pool or something similar I might say something. Just someone on the street, probably I would not say anything, but I would be disgusted and annoyed.

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Not if it’s a stranger, no. I tried, when I first moved to a big city, but honestly became overwhelmed by the giant piles of garbage everywhere all the time anyway and the general extreme lack of care in everyday habits while professing diehard environmental values. Ah, NYC…

My friends and friendly acquaintances, yes. Especially cigarette butts – I’ll often point out that they count as litter.

Remember that incredibly frustrated, kind of horrified moment when you were starting out in watersports and suddenly realized your beautiful waterway is actually a sewer? I wish I could bottle that feeling and give everyone who litters a little taste. You get that feeling hiking, too – but I never really realized that all the trash eventually flows into the water before I started kayaking.

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No, but I do get the desire to shit on their lawn

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It very rarely happens anymore.

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@stanleybmanly What is “it”? Your scolding or the littering?

I walked the shoreline this morning and am amazed at the amount of trash on the beach from just one day on a holiday weekend. I pick up trash as I walk every morning, and most of the time it’s one or two pieces. I’m returning with a garbage bag right now because of the amount of litter. Just one day!
It amazes me that 60,000 people can attend Burning Man and when it’s over the playa looks like no one even stepped foot on it, yet one stinking day here and it looks like a tornado hit the beach.

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No. Too many thin-skinned people with guns walking around.

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Cigarette butt in the gutter? No.

Dumping spent oil? I’d call the police.

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