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Do you have any advice for someone wearing a thumb splint / wrist brace?

Asked by tedibear (19035points) May 25th, 2014

I have trigger thumb and am wearing a splint/brace to keep my thumb immobile. It wraps around my wrist and the splint part keeps my thumb in place.

Thus far, the only issue I have noticed is that my wrist gets a bit sweaty and itchy. I just put cornstarch on my wrist to see if it helps. I can take it off if I keep my thumb from bending, which I think will help to keep it dry.

Is there anything else I should watch for? I welcome any practical advice you may have!

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What is trigger thumb?

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It’s trigger finger except in my thumb.

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Ow. My doctor diagnosed me with either carpal tunnel or a spine injury. He gave me a foam football to squeeze a lot. It worked amazingly well.

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is this on your writing hand? It’s a pain in the neck to try and take notes (or for that matter, to type) with a brace.

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I wear one occasionally for carpal tunnel. I take it off often to flex and let my skin breathe, usually for a minute or so when I use the restroom and wash my hands, or when I’m washing dishes. It’s enough to keep the irritation down.

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@Adirondackwannabe – Thank you. I need the reminder to keep the other fingers moving. But I have to be careful because that can lead to some pain if I do too much.

@elbanditoroso – Luckily, it’s my right hand and I am left-handed. However, I am learning just how much a I do with my right-hand. Simply unbuttoning my jeans is a challenge! And no one had better ask for an apple pie because it turns out that I pare right-handed.

@Seek – Thank you. I will remember to keep it off on occasion.

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I know you will think I am being flip @tedibear but the best advice I can give you is
simply to not masturbate until your wrist is better (or use your other hand).

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^ Word.

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@Dan_Lyons – That is a left-handed activity. One must use one’s dominant hand for the important things.

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I hurt my wrist when I was a teenager and it caused me severe hardship due to it being the hand I use to, well, nevermind.

You are one lucky tedi @tedibear. As I was just telling @Adirondackwannabe I wasn’t so lucky when my brother broke my wrist.

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My carpal tunnel’s the worst in my dominant hand. I broke down and bought a vibrator. Best decision I’ve ever made.

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I was too young to realize how well a vibrator would work on guys. I now know better. Much better!

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