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What is a really unique name for a child?

Asked by bunkin (223points) July 4th, 2008

My sister is 4 months pregnant and cant decide on a name. She wants something unique for a boy or a girl since we dont know what she is having yet.

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Thumb through Iliad and Odyssey. There are some really interesting names in those epics that you could modify to become a bit more modern.

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Try this, euqinu. See if she gets it. You can tell the child later on that it’s mother wanted a unique name and it can tell the story generations to come.

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how about bunkin?

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Islay, which is Scottish and pronounced i-lee.

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Sienna for a girl; Gray for a boy.
Jessamine for a girl; Ash for a boy.
Emmeline for a girl; Miles for a boy.
Lila for a girl; Cade for a boy.

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Chunnel Engineer Level 6.

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Okay, no more kidding from me:
This is my list.
I’ve kept it for a while.
I add names that I like.

Cesar (Chesar)
Saylene (spelling subject to change)

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How about ARABELLA I hear it’s a grrreat name

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@lefteh: When I have my first child, I think I’ll name him poopman.

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@andrew~ I like it, it really has a nice ring to it…

I really don’t care for the name jaylee, but its unique I guess.
There is an actress (a knights tale) who named her kid Audio Science…...crazy ass name in my opinion but oh well

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for a girl? ryan.
its mine:)

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Adrienne. I’m not just saying that because it is my name, but spelled like that it is VERY unique. At each school I have been the only girl with that name

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Nice, Mrs_Dr_etc.! I like that name very much.

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All joking aside, I honestly think that a completely unique name is a bad idea. i grew up with a unique name and it was not easy. I mean about 90 percent of the people I meet cannot pronounce my name properly. I have to spell it out for them. Some people even think I am a foreigner because of that name. It has been nothing but trouble. A kid’s got enough trouble anyways and names are important.

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@andrew: I expect his middle name to be an homage to me.

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My daughter’s name is Coral. Everyone loves it and it is easy to remember. It is just unique enough.

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FYI – I’m guessing many here don’t care, but something cannot be very unique, the most unique, etc. Unique is an absolute term. Check this out if you want to learn.

In this case, a name can be unique or not. It cannot be very unique.

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That’s very interesting, brownlemur. I’ll keep that in mind — thanks for posting it.

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Anika or Kira for a girl
Xander for a boy
Harris (boy or girl)

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Aiko (I-Ko) it means “love child” in Japanese. :) but instead of trying so hard to come up with a unique name, she should go with a boy/girl name she has always liked.

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Lyra, Aurora, Conrad, Gareth

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That you Marina. It also means dark one

@Haight: my friend’s name is Aiko!

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