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You've been chosen to be on a game show!!! Which one?

Asked by GloPro (8311points) May 26th, 2014 from iPhone

Reality TV competitions like Survivor or Real World/Road Rules games ARE fair game. So are cooking show competitions like Chopped.

I choose Wipeout

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Takeshi’s Castle.

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Amazing Race by far. I think I would go into it knowing I couldn’t win and would just look at as a vacation. And I don’t know how to drive so that could be a problem.

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If this were still the early 90s, I’d say Jeopardy, but the questions in recent years have become increasingly focussed on pop culture and politics: two things I lack much interest in. Judging from what I’ve seen, though, I’d clean some serious house in any history or religion categories.

Iron Chef would be fun. The real version, not the Bobby Flay knockoff.
I’d have a blast being the first person kicked off of Project Runway, too. Mostly I just want the chance to shop at Mood.

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Blind Date, i’d love to have a drink & a laugh with Stevie Wonder

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I was in NYC for spring break in 2002. The woman I was staying with managed to score tickets to see them film Jeopardy at Radio City Music Hall. They did a weeks worth of shows in a single go.

Some fun facts. The show is done in real-time. Each episode is filmed in thirty minutes. They stop where there will be commercials inserted. I have no clue why this is done.

They redo a lot of questions. The one I was at had a lot of people in the audience screaming out the answers. They used the breaks for commercials to re-film those questions.

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Maybe Fear Factor? Sticking my face in a huge container filled with maggots in order to retrieve goat penises with my teeth, who wouldn’t want that?

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I’ve been told (by family members) that I should try out for Jeopardy. Never did.

I also wouldn’t mind being on Family Feud if Richard Dawson were still alive. He was a hoot.

I might have wanted to be on Wheel of Fortune until last week, when it became clear that Sajak was a right wing climate denier.

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^^ Huh? What happened?

I’d like to be on America’s Worst Cook.

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Buffed n Beautiful

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Who wants to be a millionaire.

Say, does it have to be a show currently running? Because if not I would want to be on Password and the Hollywood Squares, too.

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What game show needs an exclamation mark in its title to be correct?

(Or, conversely ”!”.)

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@gailcalled It’s not a real game show if the title doesn’t have something hyper at the end of it.

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I would love to be on Jeopardy, but I would probably embarrass myself, so l will go with Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

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The Price is Right. Bob Barker may be gone, but the show’s still awesome and Drew Carey is fun.

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I get the spot between Jo Ann Pflug and Nipsey Russell.

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I’d like it to be Amazing Race, but I don’t have that outgoing personality the producers are probably looking for.

I’ll have to settle and go back in time and appear on Remote Control.

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Who Wants To Be A Millionaire or Wheel Of Fortune. Sajak can kiss my ass, and whilst he does, I could blow an emission which would make him a believer, HAW!
Match game was excellent, wish they’d bring that back, but I wouldn’t want to be on it because I’d get one of those stoopid Qs that makes all the panel members throw up their hands and ask Gene who wrote that one.
I liked when they’d get a dumb contestant who blows a real obvious Q, like, “After a hard day, I like to rest between my wife’s __________” and they say, “Between her loud snores”.
Meanwhile the entire panel says,“Boobies”, “Knockers”, “Creamy white mounds”, etc.
@johnpowell I might be your partner on Amazing Race. I too would not expect to win, enjoy the travel, and I’m an excellent driver. (My dad lets me take the car on the driveway, of course that is on tuesdays.)

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Oh, and don’t let’s forget the Gong Show! The MC was always stoned off his gourd on heroin. They were always telling smack jokes. I think his name was Chuck Barris.
They had a cool technician there who would come out a-dancing. he was nicknamed Gene Gene The Dancing Machine. The first one of the guys looks like “Joey from Friends.” Skip to 1:23 for Gene Gene!

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