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What is your description of a ”hooker’s uniform”?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) May 26th, 2014

While passing a park that is known to be a hangout for less than reputable people (for lack of a better word), the friend I was with ask me of a young woman there was a prostitute. I asked him which woman he was speaking of, since there were a few, he said the gal with the ”Hooker’s uniform”. I have heard the term before, I ask you, if you had to describe it what would a ”hooker’s uniform” be? What articles of clothes comprise it or how certain clothes are worn to be a ”hooker’s uniform” in your mind?

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Anything that is not a burqa. #abrahamicreligionsviewofwomen

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Is misogyny next to Godliness? Just askin’

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French maid’s uniform; school girl outfit with pigtails; 6” heels and leather pants with no crotch,
jeans, t-shirt, baseball cap; nun’s habit; shirtwaist dress with Peter Pan collar and Donna Reed hairdo, geisha outfit and white facial make-up…what other clichés have I left out?

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I’m I the only one who finds @gailcalled ‘s description more than slightly arousing?

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Everything @gailcalled mentioned except for the Donna Reed hairdo. Don’t forget hot pants and low low necked blouse, bikini top or black lace top.

@LuckyGuy her description is simply inspiring

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I love when you can read a question and just know who asked it before you even look….

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Leather pants with no crotch, like MC Hammer pants?

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Something revealing and very close to illegal…

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@gailcalled Got some weird ass hookers up in yo part of town.

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A hooker is a position played in rugby, so shirt & shorts then

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^^ Wasn’t thinking of sports, more the variety of females that sell use of their body, to be blunt, they are known as prostitutes

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No…get right outta fuckin town

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^—Never seen any women of the night dressed that way, it is those who are dressed like that are who they run from. There might have been some bandits dressed like that to legally steal and pillage, but never seen sex traders wearing uniforms like that.

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I suppose any golfer that hangs left… So a collared polo and plaid shorts.

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@ragingloli is right. Penny on TBBT dressed as a slutty cop one Halloween.

As for prostitution not being a sport, well, I beg to differ. It just happens to be a sport played by professionals.

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A sandwich board made to look like a giant, inviting vagaina.

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@GloPro I golf let handed, so it really want’s to go left. Is that a decent hooker?

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Why the hell would anyone pick up a street walker anyway, when there are loads and loads of “massage therapists” in the local Creative Loafing or Craigslist classifieds?

I mean, you could spend your time walking around outside trying to interpret costumes, or you can get a list of available services upfront, with photographs.

Work smarter, not harder.

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Street walkers may dress entirely differently than private call girls. This is because they work fast and have to display their wares. A private call girl is likely to be dressed in professional clothing, or nice dresses and skirts, with lingerie underneath.

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By the way, for what you now pay over $200 – $300 dollars we used to get for $20 back in the early 70s (pre-AIDS). ($20 for a straight lay, and $30 for head and a lay).
This is where you learn that there is indeed a difference between merely fucking a hooker and making love to a woman with whom you have genuine feelings.

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To my mind, the “uniform” involves a presentation of excesses. Costumes which display the “wares” with a minimum of taste or good sense. Too much makeup. Miniskirts on Chicago street corners in mid January. Wigs, always garish. It’s depressing.

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Last hookers in mini skirts and thigh high boots that I saw were actually men.

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It’s a variation of the Asking For It uniform called the I Demand Payment uniform.

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@gailcalled: “Nun’s habit?” That’s hot! LOL

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Costumes which display the “wares” with a minimum of taste or good sense.
Elucidate, do you mean ”Near visible”, show off the goods as being skintight, or ”Painted-on”, semi sheer, or just so dinky it is little more than a bandana tied around them?

Miniskirts on Chicago street corners in mid January.
So it is not the mini but where and how it is accessorized?

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