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Don't you hate it when they canceled your favorite TV show?

Asked by antimatter (4392points) May 26th, 2014

I started following a TV show only to find they canceled it after the second season.

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Spongebob cancelled itself. After the movie, the episodes went down in an exponentially decreasing manner. I think they switched writers completely.

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It sucked what happened to Spongebob and even worse what happened to Tron Renegade.

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Three letters DVD

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Community was cancelled on the same day The Big Bang Theory was renewed for three years. That reminds me that I need to get a new sheet of drywall.

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I really wanted to see Stargate Universe to continue, regardless of that shitty soap opera drama nonsense bullshit. I hate unfinished stories.

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Many wonderful, short term series went unnoticed by me until after they were canceled. Firefly and Sports Night should have run forever.
I understand Newsroom has been canceled, though it will run one more season. That is a shame.

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Yes… I miss Beavis and Butthead. I miss Touch, I got angry when “Awake” coped out as an ending. (Spoiler Alert) he was just dreaming.

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United States of Tara was canceled after season 3, and I never got to find out why she was all mixed up. I’m pissed.

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I’ve never really had any series I watched canceled, although I have, after their initial run, gotten into some that were cancelled prematurely. ‘Jericho’ comes to mind.

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@talljasperman :: I actually just marathoned “Awake”. I really liked it. And the ending was totally forced.

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I find it much more annoying when networks insist that shows which have long past served their purpose drag on for years, with unhappy fans just hoping for something like the early days.

The X-Files should have ended in season six, for instance.

I really like BBC for this reason. Jeckyll – an excellent version of the story – six episodes and they were done. And that’s ok. It was a great series, very enjoyable. I didn’t need ten years of Jeckyll and Hyde. They went in, told a good story, collected their paychecks and left. The end.

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Yes. I don’t often watch TV series when they’re first aired so I check IMDB to see if they were around for more than a season. That way I avoid the WTF! moment when HBO or whoever send my favourite programme of the day to the bin.

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One word. Firefly.

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There was this one very cool sci fi TV series called Farscape which ended on a cliff hanger and never returned.
Some of the actors wound up on Stargate the TV show.

“Present day human John Crichton is unexpectedly sucked through a wormhole and flung to ”...some distant part of the universe on a ship, a living ship, full of strange alien life forms”, where he becomes trapped with a group of escaped prisoners after he accidentally kills one of the local law enforcements.”

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Ah I feel that way about a lot of shows. Sometimes I hear about great shows but know they only lasted a season or two so I won’t even watch them because I don’t want to get invested and then disappointed.

Reboot. was the last show I watched that had an early ending . Such a cliffhanger too.

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The Riches. Eddy Fucking Izzard.

Cancelled without warning.

Does Izzard make a show too good to survive?

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I really liked The Riches. That was the one that made me start checking IMDB before getting into a series.

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They made a Farscape movie that wrapped it all up.

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Thanks @ragingloli I just found it on hulu. Oops, only TV episodes there. I guess the movie isn’t out yet.

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It is actually a mini series, not a movie.

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I’m still mad about “Freaks and Geeks” and “Firefly” being cancelled.

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Thanks again @ragingloli. I just read an in depth plot summary for the movie and now no longer feel the need to watch it.

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I miss The United States of Tara, The Sopranos, and I hate having to wait for the rest of Downton Abbey, Dallas, and Bates Motel. I hate an unfinished story, too.

For the last and final episode of The Sopranos, I was really hoping that Adrianna’s body would be discovered, and Carmela would figure out what happened, and that all hell would break loose and come to a firey conclusion, maybe ending with Carmela shooting Tony and everyone else.

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They all got whacked in the diner at the end.

That’s what happened.

Thinking about the cut-off makes me angry, so I mentally finished the scene. There was blood, and someone shot the jukebox so Journey would shut up, end scene.

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Yes, “Nikita” was cancelled recently, but I am ordering the full 3.5 year seiries on DVD. Not many American TV shows have Asian stars, but this one has Maggie Q whose mother is Vietnamese.

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The Others (ghosty stuff)

Was cancelled and it was awesome!

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