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How often do you just know who asked a question, before you even look?

Asked by AshLeigh (16340points) May 26th, 2014 from iPhone

This just happened. Do you ever know who’s asking before you look?

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(NSFW) Yes… sometimes. I know someone who hates superman and is into tentacle rape.

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If a woman is treated as a possession I know exactly who asked it.

And this is a pretty big shame on the mods for letting it stand this long. Especially considering what happened a few days ago.

edit :: and I did flag it and I thought I gave a pretty good reason.

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Well, there aren’t that many of us wracking our brains for questions. I could guess correctly with a couple tries.

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Some jellies are so one dimensional you can tell immediately who asked it. Then there are some that always surprise.

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Back when EtPro was active up here, I always knew it was him. I can often spot HypocrasyCentral’s questions, too, because of how he writes things. Not really anyone else. Hell sometimes I see questions I asked and I don’t even remember they were mine…

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frequently (we’re talking about fluther, right?)

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There are two or three people whose question style I can recognize fairly easily.

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I play that game on occasion. There are about five jellies whose questions I spot regularly.

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Not often, but there are a couple who ask fundamentally the same question over & over, like a stuck record

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Quite often – especially from a few.

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I think I do, sometimes. There are some jellies here who I think I capture their “themes” and can guess if they ask certain questions.

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There are only two that I can spot, which is why I asked. I can usually tell when it’s @Symbeline. And the other person I won’t mention by name, but I’m pretty sure it’s the same person that @johnpowell mentioned. Because they’re a disgusting person. XD

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@AshLeigh Really? I’m that predictable? XD

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@Symbeline, not predictable. I’ve just seen your writing style, and the topics you tend to enjoy talking about enough to guess that it’s you. It’s a good thing, I think.

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It’s cool that it’s a good thing, but I’d be just as pleased if it was perceived as a bad omen. :D

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All of the time with three, most of the time with another five. They leave both a contextual and a linguistic footprint. It’s a game I play also if I am not too busy.

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Don’t want to name them? Cmon it can’t be that bad.

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I might name the other person I can always spot, if I hadn’t already called them a disgusting human being. Haha

I can sometimes spot @Mimishu1995, because I’ve seen enough of her responses to recognize her writing style.

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[Mod says] Please keep in mind that negative mentions are not allowed under the flame-bait/personal attack rule; so please keep it intentionally vague if you’re going to say anything derogatory.

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Oh come on, you’re no fun. :)

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(I thought my comment was a masterpiece of ambiguity.)

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@gailcalled Your’s was fine. It hinted without giving away the answer.

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We’re not pulling any of the comments already posted, we just wanted to make a friendly, pre-emptive request.

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@Adirondackwannabe and @gailcalled Well I didn’t get it. But I ain’t nawn too brites

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You’re one of the brightest stars in my constellation.:)

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@AshLeigh Thanks for reminding me that I’m incurably addicted to Fluther ~

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Any time @Mimishu1995. Always here to remind you what’s up. ~

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I know before reading the question, even before logging on.

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I think we all know who is being hinted at here, the most predictable jelly whose questions echo each other constantly.
Like I said in my answer earlier, there’s only one more that has this “tell” only slightly less so.

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^yeah. We all know who is being mentioned here. We aren’t stupid. Good thing this person has thick skin (or hasn’t read this Q yet). I’d be pretty pissed if it were about me (even though no name was mentioned).

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Yes, two come to mind right away. One user tends to ask “baited” and misogynistic questions about women and sex. Another user tends to ask questions about how to make friends and how to buy food without leaving the house.

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