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When you ask/answer a question, do you read every post, or do you skim through?

Asked by flip86 (6172points) May 26th, 2014

As asked.

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I skim through, unless I am really confused or am interested. I at least read the first and last few posts.

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If I have asked, I read each post. People have taken the time to answer, I take the time to read.

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When I ask a question, I read every post.

When I answer a question, I often skim through other posts. Sometimes I read them all.

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[mod says] This question has been moved to Meta.

I read the question and details, but I usually only skim through the responses before crafting my own answer. Sometimes, I’ll read each one individually; usually, I will only do that after I respond.

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@muppetish Why move to meta? It isn’t specifically about Fluther.

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I read every answer.

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why is the word Fluther in the topics if this isn’t about Fluther?

I read most answers as long as they aren’t similar to journal entries.

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Depends. If that’s my question or when there is a good argument going on I’ll read. Otherwise not, especially when the posts contain some personal references that I can’t understand.

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# 2 @flip86. “Why move to meta? It isn’t specifically about Fluther.”

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For some reason I like to read all the posts thoroughly. I guess it has to do with me not wanting to be copying answers [even though it wouldn’t actually be copying if I hadn’t yet read them] and also so I can post an @ to someone if I want to reply to them or state something like, “I agree with @someone.”
Also, reading is a breeze for me and I do enjoy everyone’s answers. It’s fun to see how uniquely different so many people can be when responding to the same question.

Quite often I learn something new, too, which I might miss if I fail to read all the answers.

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Honestly, I want to read all the posts or answers but that doesn’t happen very often.
If I ask a question, I definately read every answer and write a follow up post. But otherwise, I scroll through the answers if I am too busy, and read them later in my free time.

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It depends on how much time I have. Sometimes I am in a rush, or at work, or it’s late at night (like now) and so I need to move on, so I will just click “follow” and come back to it another time. It might be weeks later, or it might not be ever (like some of the religious questions with 100 responses, and some I know were very long – I just don’t have the time ever to read that. Or the Malaysian plane speculation questions – I feel it’s irrelevant at this point).

Sometimes I’m late to a question and find there are many responses, and so I will get to it later. Sometimes, if a topic is really fascinating, I’ll just read the last few responses, then answer, then come back to it another time and read the earlier responses along with whatever has been said since I posted.

When I ask a question, I read every response.

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When I asked the question, I read every post. If I answered, it just depends on how much I care about other people’s answers. I often find myself reading answers to questions I haven’t even answered, and have no intention to answer.

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Nothing new here… If I ask, I read all.

If I’m engaged in a back and forth I check in more often.

If the answer is too long, poorly written, a nonsensical run-on, or just seriously stupid I have trouble getting to the end of it.

Did somebody already say that?

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^^Like @GloPro said!

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Always (except for the samples that @GloPro mentions). If I am going to bother to answer, I see no point in repeating (and repeating) someone else’s identical answer. To what end?

Sometimes when I chime in early, I will see my answer paraphrased later on, including my particular word choice.

I consider these issues part of my ongoing informal sociologial study of this particular online community. People come and go but the group process remains the same.

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I only read answers from those where the colour purple figures prominently in their avatar.

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Yeah, and best of all, @gailcalled is when you chime in early get (maybe) one GA and your answer is repeated later in the thread and gets 5–8 GA’s. WTH?

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@ibstubro Sometimes I won’t read answers before I give my own, and it will be similar to another answer. I never do it on purpose though.

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Every one, syllabic ally.

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Depends on time available. Sadly I don’t have much these days. Also depends how important the question is. I do see that often a first few answers set the tone for the rest, which is not good.

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When I answer a question, there are usually so many answers that I do not have time to read them all. I have not asked any questions yet, but if I do, I will read all answers to it.

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I have not yet read any of the other answers, will do so after posting.

I usually read all of the posts whether I am asking or answering a Q. If I have an answer, but not a lot of time, I will post my answer and then come back later and read the rest of the postings.

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I read every answer.

or has someone already said this?

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I am not consistent at all. If my answer would require some research to link to source, I would definitely skim before answering.

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