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Have you ever been suckered?

Asked by GloPro (8311points) May 27th, 2014 from iPhone

Do you own a star, or a 5 acre plot in Arizona that you’ll never see?
Did you fall for a line and end up part owner of a race horse? Do you have a piece of crap kitchen gadget that sounded so amazing in the infomercial?

Have you fallen prey to a great sales pitch?

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Yes my university guaranteed that a degree is important, and that my first year would be the best year of my life… Well the president was right about my first year being the best of my life… It’s been downhill ever since, except now when I have found Fluther and gone on disability my life has picked up ever so slightly.

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Yes. I was promised if I worked a career for 30 years there would be a pension to keep me afloat during my retirement years.
And the same people making these absurd promises ripped us all off during 2005 – 2008.
There is no pension (or what there is of it has been halves). There is no rainbow. These lying pricks are now living high on the hawg off of many many human beings’ hard earned money.

They should rot in hell. (Too bad there is no hell other than in Pittsburgh).

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I have no idea…but if I find out that I have Viking ancestry who colonized some place in the past and the descendants currently own a successful Volkswagen dealership, I’m going to get my due.

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Sure, several times buying black market items that turned out to be fakes or of far lower amount or quality than represented. Kind of a built-in risk.

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I’ll never forget my first Mardi Gras as a kid. I was 10 and at one of the parades had collected a plastic tumbler (cup) full of beads and trinkets thrown from the floats. There was an older kid on one of the floats who was holding a toy spear, which for the time was a significant catch. When I called for it, he told me he’d trade my full cup for the spear. I handed my cup to him, and the dickface proceeded to throw all my stuff to the crowd and never gave me the spear. Bastard.

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only once on a social website something like this one. Another member starting using the “private mail” option to talk to me privately.

I was a fool to believe that this person liked me as a friend when in reality he/she was telling other members everything I said in private. Not to just anyone but to people who didn’t like me on the site.

I learned a big lesson!! never to trust anyone on any website and tell nothing about myself. I was a trusting fool. Now I am so paranoid and the internet has really been ruined for me.

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I’ve been a sucker for love more than once : (

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