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How many times could you have easily been badly harmed or killed as a teen doing something dangerous?

Asked by JLeslie (54557points) May 27th, 2014

I saw this article on Facebook about a teen who died because his friends tied him to a shopping cart and sent him into a lake. I am so horrified!

What things did you do looking back that could have gotten you killed or someone else?

The most dangerous thing I did was a couple times going to DC by myself to go dancing. The walk from the parking lot to the club was what was dangerous. I can’t think of anything else, although there possible were some I don’t remember.

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Too many things to list or remember – starting with hitch hiking, drinking and driving, walking through woods and bad neighborhoods at night, the list goes on and on.

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I used to love climbing on things as a teen. A group of friends and I ran around finding things to climb. We even gave ourselves stupid climbing nicknames, I was ’‘Skycrawler’’. lol
We climbed underneath bridges, and go from one side to the other, right over the river. Church roofs, a communication tower, cranes, construction sites, building roofs. We usually did this at night so we wouldn’t get busted.
You really get a rush out of doing this, hard to describe, especially when you’re really high up. However it was incredibly stupid, could have fallen to our deaths and killed our fool selves countless times. We were always careful, as careful as you can be doing stupid shit like that, but still…sometimes when I think about the crazy things we climbed I’m like, damn…it’s a good work out though haha.

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Hitch hiking was probably my most risky – that’s how I met my Ex!

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Dangerous things like skiing fast, rock climbing, and mountain climbing were all known risks and planned risks, with precautions taken.

It’s the stupid stuff I did that baffles me a bit, often involving a car and/or alcohol. And it didn’t stop when I was no longer a teen….

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Well, sure. Driving too fast, mostly. I wasn’t a daredevil, but just being a teenager puts kids at risk.

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I was more or less an apprentice stuntman as a kid, always climbing buildings & jumping off onto grass embankments.
The most dangerous pursuit was flirting with the tough guy at school’s girlfriend, couldn’t help myself, worked as well coz I pinched her off him, fucking knuckle-headed loser boy :D

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I was fairly staid as a teen. Most my most risky behaviors have occurred in adulthood.

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I am immortal.

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Once when I was 17 I found a broken outdoor light fixture and I turned the power off and put a key on the wires to complete the circuit. Then I flipped on the light, 30 minutes later I woke up and I remembered a flash like the Star Trek the Next Generation when the Enterprise goes to warp speed. The whole neighbourhood was lit up for 2 seconds. It was the most beautiful blue that I had ever seen.

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I’ve done countless dangerous things in my life. I feel like it’d be quite boring if I was always “being safe”

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Most of my dangerous situations as a younger teen were brought on by my mother. After she left my father, she decided to date a drug dealer. That wasn’t the safest environment for a 15 year old.
The only dangerous situations I have put myself in we’re just going on the roof of the old abandon grocery store in my town. Which wasn’t even that dangerous, and no one got hurt. It was more illegal than it was dangerous.
I can’t think of any other incidents where I put myself in danger for the fun of it. I tend to do things just because I think I can, but I’m cautious.

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That is dreadful about your Mom @AshLeigh. :(

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@Dutchess_III, it was rough but she’s gotten the help she needs to deal with the issues she was going through. I’ve long since forgiven her for the mistakes she made while she was mentally unstable.

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@talljasperman That reminds me of Biology lab in high school. One day we wee going to have a boring lab, I took a pair of lab tweezers and using an eraser pushed it into a socket. Knocked out the power in half the school.

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There was one road that was a long straightaway with a small hill. Going over it at 80+, I could literally jump my little Saturn.

Once I did it at about a buck-twenty with my baby sister in the trunk. She thought it was hilarious, but we never did it again.

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