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Does my friend's brother like me or am I misreading him?

Asked by FoxyCleo (20points) May 27th, 2014 from iPhone

Hola hola!! So my friend’s brother is someone who I’m not particularly close to or anything but we do know each other and we say hi to each other the few times that we bump into each other, which isn’t very often (we live in separate towns). Anywayyy just recently, I started developing feelings for him after spending a few days at their house for one of their sibling’s weddings. I guess I just noticed certain things about him which drew me to him. The things is I have no idea if he likes me as well. I did notice him staring at me a few times but he would always look away whenever I caught him staring. His sister and I used to be flat mates some years back when we were in college and I remember how he would tell her to say hi to me whenever she and I were chatting online during school holidays. I found that a bit strange cuz he and I were not friends and I had only met him like a couple of times. Anyway what are the subtle ways that I can use to know if he likes me or not without actually having to ask him or his sister???

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Ask your parents to invite him over to dinner.

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How old are you?

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I’m 25 and he’s 30

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Well, at the very least, he probably wants to jump your bones, and he may be very interested in a long term deal with you. You are somewhat of a known quantity, and having been vetted by the rest of your family, he feels safe in being interested in you.

So let him know you are available, directly but not too blatantly. An email or PM that says it was great to see him, it helped make the weekend special, and if he is ever in your neighborhood to let you know and you can get a drinker a coffee or best, dinner with him.

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Lol. Eerrmmm ok. Well I don’t have his email address, I don’t have him in my BBM contacts, I’m not on any social network that he’s on and he’s not on any social network that I’m on. The only way that I can actually communicate with him is through his sister….literally. I have mentioned him a few times to her though in a subtle manner without being too obvious. It was his birthday last month and I told her to tell him happy birthday from me but I have no way of actually knowing if she told him or not. I’m told sisters can be quite funny when it comes to their brothers dating their friends that’s why I don’t want to just come out and tell her I like her brother. And besides what if she’s not ok with it?? Maybe that’s why she hasn’t told him I’ve asked about him.

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@FoxyCleo So be a little bit more forthright, you know the family, call their mom and say you are updating your address book and want to get some of the family addresses from her – the newlyweds, auntie whoever, and the brother. And then say thank you and you look forward to seeing her soon.

Then send him a nice, not romantic but not frivolous, blank card with a nice note inside to the effect of what I wrote above. And include your email address and make sure your return address is clear on the envelope.

Good Luck!.

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Good gods.

It still astonishes me that there are adults who act this way.

If you like him, fucking ask him out. Literally the worst that will happen is that he’ll say “no”. It’s not like you have to convince your father to offer him the best sheep in the flock or something.

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YoU’re 25, he’s 30. But how old is the friend whom you are presently seeing? Are you having sex with this friend?
If you are then lay off the brother. If you aren’t then just tell him you want to jump his bones.
Easy Peasy.

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