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Nothing brings back memories like a PB&J, but a jelly jar, why still glass?

Asked by XCNuse (1192points) July 4th, 2008

Why is it that throughout all the years that jelly and jam jars are still made of glass?
Peanut butter has been in plastic containers probably for my whole life, but jelly jars remain to be in glass, is it something to do with the chemicals interacting with plastic or what?

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Things packed in glass containers just taste better. They taste more natural. In addition, glass preserves the jam better.

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There are some peanut butter brands that are in glass.

In addition to what beast said. Jelly and Jams also need to be refrigerated, so it hold better in glass which preservers it better.

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Also, Glass is infinitely recyclable, while plastic will eventually break down and be un-recyclable… PB&J is so awesome that it factors in the environmental impact of its product as it is made.

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The container for jams and jellies has to be able to stand up to very high heat. The containers are sterilized with steam, then filled with the jelly while the jelly is still hotter than boiling water. The lid is then immediately screwed on, which ensures that the contents of the jar remain sterile. Plastics would not hold up under those elevated temperatures.

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@Harp, thanks I knew it was something like that.

@bluemakaki, yea lol I never knew it had such an impact until my college cafeteria um.. “celebrated”? PB&J day, it’s surprising too some of the facts brought up.

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We buy Welch’s Concord Grape Jam seemingly by the wagonload. It comes in plastic jars.

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We will start seeing more and more of it. The obstacle to using plastic is not that the plastic melts under the heat; it’s that when the hot contents cool in the sealed container, a vacuum is formed that caves in the sides of the softened plastic. Manufacturers tried using reinforcing ribs to keep that from happening, but that hasn’t been very popular with either the jelly makers or consumers.

New designs have been introduced within the past couple of years that incorporate a flexible internal diaphragm at either the top or the bottom of the jar that can stretch as the contents cool down, so the diaphragm distorts instead of the jar.

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We buy Smuckers chunky peanut butter which comes in a glass jar.

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Yep that’s what we get too.

Also, what’s that stuff that comes with the peanut butter and jelly together in the same jar? That stuff still comes in glass doesn’t it?

stuff is so good lol peanut butter in that is like pure sugar though haha

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How does Harp know things like this?
We get Adams No-Stir pb in glass jars and it is so good and doesn’t have any sugar
in it. I’m going to get a big fat pb&j sandwich right now.

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goober that’s it hahah, god that stuff is like sugar cane and peanut butter infused together but it’s so good.

sounds good i’m with you susanc i’m gonna make one also

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My family still buys Welchs Grape Jam in a plastic container. Even though it is in plastic, it is delicious.

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