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Should i mive out in the middle of the night without my parents knowledge?

Asked by Chey97 (59points) May 27th, 2014

My parents let my boyfriend move in about 5 months ago and all they do is complain about him. For example: they complain that he eats too much when he barely eats at all unless he buys it himself. He has trouble sleeping at night, he wakes up all throughout the night, so he sleeps a lot during the day. He has a job but doesn’t has to be there till noon, therefore, he sleeps in till 11:30. My mom gets mad when he plays the Xbox and my dad gets mad when he doesn’t do the dishes. He wasn’t working for a while because he hurt his back at work and never got released to go back. So he got another job working at VAP. (He makes pizza crusts and stuff like that). He hasn’t been giving them money for rent lately due to fines he has to pay to the DA and local Court.
Not only do my parents talk bad about him, they also yell at me for close to nothing. Either I don’t do something right or at the drop of a hat. My mom has bipolar and refuses to get on medication. Sometimes my dad will come home in a bad mood and start going off on me. (He drives truck and people pull out in front of him all the time, so I can understand being in a bad mood). They tell how I should live many relationship. I’ll want to cuddle on the couch and my mom will get mad because “I’m all over him all the time”. And any time I ask for a kiss she’s gets mad. He bought me a pair of shoes for $135 and my parents got upset because “I was being selfish in getting something twice the price he did”. He didn’t mind, after all he did ask me if I wanted a new pair of shoes. He didn’t put a limit on the price and I didn’t know how much they were till the clerk rang them up.
I want to move out so bad. I tell my aunt everything and she said I need to get out of there ASAP. thing is I’m only 16, I’ll be 17 less than 4 months. My mom says I have to stay at home until I graduate high school. I’ll be like 20 when I graduate. My Mon can be very verbal when she’s angry. (And not in a good way). What should I do? All advice will be very appreciated. Thank you.

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He can’t pay rent but he can spend $200 on shoes?

Big sister advice: Get the boyfriend out of your house, finish school, get a job, and then move out of your parent’s house. In that order.

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If you move out in the middle of the night, you are going to have a rough time. You’re in school not working, and your boy friend can’t support you, so how do you think this will play out?

You are living under your parents roof and they are supporting you, so they do have a say in how things go. If I were you, I’d be awfully cooperative given the fact they let the boyfriend move in (in my opinion that was a poor decision on their part).

You may not want to hear this: concentrate on finishing your schooling. Support your boyfriend getting caught up on his back rent. Next time he wants to spend money on you, be responsible and say “pay my Dad first.”

And accept the consequences of your behavior. You want to be an adult and be treated like an adult, that’s what you need to do.

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You’re 16 and your parents let your boyfriend move in? You’ve got more problems than an internet Q&A site can help you with. You need some serious family counseling.

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