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Any words describing how you feel that start with either of your initials?

Asked by ucme (45652points) May 28th, 2014

Mine are AW so I can say I feel A ctive & W ell after my afternoon run.
I just used both initials, but you may use either, by all means do both if you feel like it.
Just a bit of fluff to help me on my way to a personal landmark here

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Sure. I feel Dandy and Lucky!

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^^ It’s fucking David Letterman!!

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Today is Just Another Day.

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I’m going to the dentist later today to get that gap in between my teeth fixed.

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I would, you’re starting to whistle when you speak :)

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Elegant Smart Audacious Debonair


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Alyson’s Most Melancholic these days.

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My initials

L. Loopy, languishing, loquacious.
R. Rested, retiring, ribald.
B. Bubbley, babbley, blonde. lol

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Cranky Puss
After five days of 90°+ Florida heat. Ugh.

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I don’t G ive a C rap! XD :D

Also, my middle name starts with M, so I’m all like, a car company or something; GMC.

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My initials are GAC. When I had LLBean monogram some luggage for me, they sent the two pieces back with the monogram, GAG. I told Bean and they offered to redo the initials, but I found it so funny that I said “No.”

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@gailcalled Dude, we almost have the same initials!

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My daughter wants to play, she’s feeling R elaxed L azy & W onderful…half term school break :D

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Just Wonderful.

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@Symbeline A car company, I did hear you were a nice ride…just kiddin, don’t hurt me :D

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@Symbeline Ha! Before I got married I was AMC – American Movie Classics. My son is IBM. And he’s great with computers.

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@ucme Lol; I’m a hearse. XD

@Seek Dude. IBM. That’s awesome lol.

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@gailcalled Hahaha…I was devastated in 3rd grade when I ordered monogrammed pencils from a catalog and instead of ” Laurie” they sent me 300 pencils that said ” Louie”... they got my last name right, too bad I didn’t have a brother named Louie. lol

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L ively. B razen. R uthless.

…or maybe…

L azy. B ored. R eclusive.

Depends on the day, I guess.

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@gailcalled Mine are GCA.

Today I am Grumpy Callous and Agitated (dealing with several innefficient government agencies trying to stick me in a shithole house in the the ghetto)

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AKP: Always killing pedestrians.

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I guess I’m always in T he R ight P lace.

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A S P: Actively solve problems.

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Vacant Energy Field

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Refreshed limitless joy

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Appears i’m in the minority here as far as middle names go, funny dat!
Cheers folks, good stuff :)

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Crap Horrible and Stinky.
Oh look, I’ve cheered up now:
Clappy Happy and Smiley

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