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Interview tips?

Asked by emanuelegomes (296points) May 28th, 2014 from iPhone

Ok so I’m applying to a few jobs and I am familiar with some of the questions they’ll ask me. I need help on that, how to give the best answer and keep yourself calm.

For example, my friend who works at forever21, where I will be applying, says that you will be with other people who they interviewed and passed the first part and they get in a circle and the manager asks to tell us our name and something about ourselves.. Should I say something work related or not? What are good answers when in an interview for retail?

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Google the Wikipedia articles about the business that you are applying for and have a basic history down pat for the interview… Like knowing the stores mission statement and the basic knowledge of the name of the business, like A&W is Allen and Wright and that IBM is international business machines. Also be neat and tidy clean clothes and brushed hair and teeth.

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A fiend of mines daughter just wrote a book for people in your situation. Don’t Fluck it Up. .
If you don’t have time to read the book you might go to her website, where I’m sure she would answer specific questions.

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Step 1. Want the interview! Like really want it.

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Yes, stick to work-related when talking about yourself.

Practice your answers in front of a mirror to the three interview questions that you are dreading having to answer.

Good luck.

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Don’t lie
Don’t act out

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It’s an interview, so be prepared to interview them: An interview works both ways. Answer their questions, but come prepared with your own. Show interest in the company and demonstrate an interest in learning about the job you’re applying for. Demonstrate interest in getting a fair return, good treatment, and adequate leadership in exchange for your commitment to the job.

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Be prepared to list your weaknesses, as well as your strengths.

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