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What's the ultimate thing that could happen to you in the next 10 minutes?

Asked by judyprays (1309points) July 4th, 2008
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Leaping out of my wheelchair and running around my yard chasing and playing with my dogs.

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The Phillies scoring some runs.

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My honey coming to my work and telling me we’re off on a month long vacation to Maui.

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My lower spine goes from this: S——> to this: I

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Someone coming to tell me I’ve been selected to go to Space Camp.

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To have a glistening red firework with blue streaks whiz by my head.

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The response by whatthefluther really puts things into perspective. My answer would be that whatthefluther gets what they want.

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ooooh i second johnpowell

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That my husband and I are pain free after the crazy two weeks we’ve just had…

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@judyprays: Greetings and welcome to fluther. Thank you for seconding johnpowell. I apologize for putting a serious tone right from the outset on what I believe was a great question that should have elicited a lot of interesting and creative rersponses. But I decided long ago, upon my fluther initiation, that I would not hide my disabilities or illness, not so much to enlighten those who may be insensitive or unaware of what it is like living with disabilities, but to provide a reality check or reminder to one and all to count their blessings regularly and to never, ever take anything for granted. And, if by chance I am able to help someone who may be on a similar path as mine, or their caregivers, friends or relatives, why, that’s just icing on the cake. Thanks again.
PS: Wow, that’s a lot of points you accumulated in just one day. At this rate you’ll have johnpowell and gailcalled soon looking over their shoulders.

@johnpowell: Thank you very much for the kind words. Although it didn’t exactly go down the way I suggested in my post, it was a very good day. I managed to get on my electric scooter and tear the yard up a bit as well as chase and terrorize my dogs, until, of course, the fireworks took over and completed the job (on the dogs, not the yard). In your honor, as well as in my desire to heighten my buzz, I’m going to have sccrowell pick up a sixer of PBR, a brew with which I’m very familiar. (My brother was a brewer at Pabst several years ago and would buy several cases a week at the employee price of a buck a sixer: many a sixer made it my way). I hope you and everyone else had as wonderful a holiday as sccrowell and I. As always, wtf !

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I didn’t know that my love of PBR was so well known. :-) Rock on.

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I win…

(maybe one day)

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The Fluther fairy will arrive and empty Milo’s litter box.I skipped yesterday (on tinyfaery’ sadvice to whoop it up.I am paying now.)

And I also send jp’s wish to wtf. I know something about his disease and it’s a doozy.

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@gailcalled…thanks for the kind wishes. Been having a rough go of it lately so haven’t been around these parts too much. Don’t know if its an associated complication or something new. So its back to the doctors (which you know I just love). See you… wtf

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