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How do you type the Up arrow and also the Down arrow?

Asked by flo (12382points) May 28th, 2014

For the side arrow it’s >, and <. .... I don’t know why the 2 dashes in front and after the arrow don’t show up here?
Le me try again—-> and <—-.

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Use ALT codes Or simply copy and paste these: ↑ ↓

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⇑ ↑⬆ ⇓ ⬇ ↓
From the Character viewer on the Mac.

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What about with the keyboards that have number keys (under the F1 F2…) with 2 symbols as well? I went to Google Images it is hard to find. For example the number 2 has the @ and the ” as well. Alt +2 gives me @ The number 4 has the / and the ¢ Alt+ 4 gives me ¢and so on. So Alt +24 gives me @¢.

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