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If Fluther had the function to display the online status of all jellies each time they logged in, like on Facebook, what do you think would happen?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (20173points) May 28th, 2014

What do you think would happen? Would it do us good or harm?

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I think this was brought up before and one answer was—>“Go to Facebook”

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Eh. We have the chat room, which has this feature. Good enough for me.

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Mine would strobe. I’m in and out all the time, rather randomly.

I don’t see how it’d be useful though :/

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It’d be a secret giggles

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I don’t see what good would come from this. Only a stalker would be happy.

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Probably not a lot different than PM’s only quicker.

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I think it would just confuse people as to the purpose of the site. We are a Q&A site. While there is a very social feel because of our smaller community, we are not a social networking site. I don’t really see a reason for having such a feature.

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Not sure it would make so much of a difference. I don’t pay attention to people on FB who are online or not, so I wouldn’t here, either. Some may feel different.

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Nothing in particular would happen. It’s kind of like getting an answering machine…it doesn’t mean they aren’t home.

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Since I own a laptop for myself, I’m logged in all the time. I only have to enter in my info once every few months when Dr. J randomly logs me out.

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