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What song did you last sing out loud?

Asked by ucme (45478points) May 29th, 2014

Just the chorus, or the whole bally shabozzle.
Also, mark yourself outta ten for your singing voice, or don’t =0}

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Headbanging: 10

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Mr Jones I just cannot listen to that song without singing it out loud and I still listen to that album a lot even after 21 years. Holy cow. Now I feel old.

As for rating my voice, I’d put myself somewhere between Bob Dylan and Liam Gallagher.

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“Nutbush City Limits.” The twins think I sound just like Tina Turner!

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I was at the Symphony for a tribute to Stars and Stripes for Memorial day and in one section the audience was asked to stand and sing along. It was 4 well known patriotic songs. It was fun.

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Opps I did it again. By Brittney Spears

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@dxs LOL

Reminds me of…pack it up, pack it in, let me begin, jump up jump up and get down…house of pain…some shit. I forget.

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Eh, sexy lady. Op Op Op Op
Oppa Gangnam Style.

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Nessum Dorma, it sounded so bad that I decided to leave it to real opera singers!

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Down By The River – Neil Young

Both Neil and I rate an 8 on that tune.

also one of the best one note solos in music

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Friends in Low Places
by Garth Brooks

…loudly, on a bus, full of people — much to my daughter’s chagrin.

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Wish You Were Here —Pink Floyd

Although I haven’t sung professionally in many years, I think my pipes still rate a 9 out of what was once a 10.

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About an hour ago, in the ;lab. I started singing Red Rubber Bal by the Cyrkle. Why?

One of the guys had a red rubber plug in a certain tube and mentioned it. I started singing the lines, and another guy knew the next line, then back to me, then to him.
IThe pressure was off. It was great.

And I think it’s gonna be alright
yes the worst is over now
the morning sun is shining like
like a red rubber plug!

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Last for me was Vogue, I heard it somewhere & the fucking thing stuck in my head, had to let it out.
Did the moves too, the wife thought I was shooing a wasp.

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That was 4 years ago.

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@LuckyGuy LOL

Now you have infected me with that earworm!

Funny story…When my now 14-year-old daughter was 7 or 8, she had a song stuck in her head and asked me how to get rid of it. I started singing The Song that Never Ends! It worked, but she had the second song stuck in her head. Now, when she mentions that she has an earworm of that type, I only have to say, “I can help!” and she gets “The Song that Never Ends” automatically stuck in her head.

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Comfortably Numb. This afternoon.

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“NYC” from the musical “Annie” at rehearsal last night. I’d rate myself a 6½

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“We are bitter broken people, but at least we keep each other company. In a world where we’re trained to disagree. And you never fail to mention, you’re a loner and a liar. To find my heart, buried beneath the lost cause I used to be.” The Lost Cause I Used to Be by A Loss For Words.

I’d give my singing a 7.

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For those who rated themselves, fist bump :)

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Can’t believe it’s over watched the whole thing fall
Nd I never saw the writing on the wall
If I had only known precious days were slipping past
And that good things never last that you were crying

Summer turned to winter and the snow turned to rain
The rain turned to tears upon your face
I hardly recognize the girl…recognize the girl you are today And God I hope its not too late Mmmm… Its not too late

Cuz you are not alone I’m always there with you And we’ll get lost together Till the light comes pouring through Cuz when you feel like you’re done And the darkness has won Babe you’re not lost

When your world’s crashing down And you can’t bear the thought I said babe you’re not lost

Life can show no mercy It can tear your soul apart It can make you feel like you’ve gone crazy But you’re not Things have seemed to change There’s one thing that’s still the same In my heart you have remained And we can fly, fly, fly away

Cuz you are not alone And I am there with you And we’ll get lost together Till the light comes pouring through Cuz when you feel like you’re done And the darkness has won babe you’re not lost

And the worlds crashing down And you cannot bear the cross I said baby you’re not lost

Mmmm yah yah, yah yah, I said baby you’re not lost. I said baby you’re not lost. Oh yeah, yeah I said baby you’re not lost.

Last song I heard and last song I sang though I wasn’t intentionally listening to Michael Buble. Though I do like him and the song felt timely to an extent… Though I’m cheerier then all that for it to be an appropriate reflection.

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Mellow Yellow by Donovan, after reading this post!

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Don McLean’s Vincent

I sing it as a lullaby to my son.

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One in Hebrew an hour ago at a Shabbat service.

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“Get Up, Stand Up” by __Bob Market_. They were playing it in the PA at the waterpark.

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Kiss The Whip by fetisch [sic] masters Sleep Chamber:

“I want to touch.

You won’t let me.

I want to kiss.

But you won’t let me…

You only let me KISS THE WHIP.”

Easy as there’s no crooning, rather near growling.

Also Bostich by Swiss electronica legends Yello.

A tight mix by DJ Smokey was playing in a card store.

This habit might be annoying to others but I frequently integrate lyrics into conversation.

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“I’m Not Crying” by Flight of the Conchords.

I’m making a lasagne… for one

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Oh Lord..the theme song to Gilligan’s Island…..

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Hush Hush by Pistol Annies

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