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Would Fluther be seen as less of a content farm if the content was more robust?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) May 29th, 2014

I can’t remember when but in the past there was a thread about Fluther being a content farm. That got me paying attention to what was being pumped out. I got to thinking that maybe Fluther would be seen as less of a content farm if the content, moreover, the questions, were more robust, or had more depth and relevance?

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This gets a bit more confusing. which has got nailed too.

Some info here:

and a discussion here:

ask.mefi has a lot more of the things you mention. I have read a lot about this and there doesn’t seem to be a pood answer for why these sites were so heavily penalized.

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How could one make it more robust? By trial and error I ask questions and answer questions that are as much to-the-point as I can make them.

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@Hypocrisy_Central Request from a fairly new user: define content farm.

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@Brian1946 Send my thanks to @Dog if you have a chance :)

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Depth and relevance is a tall order. I received a message yesterday from one of us here to the effect that fluther is on the road to extinction. It’s perhaps difficult to objectively assess fluther for us swimming in the middle of it, but it seems to be common to lots of sites that the content slips in quality over time. More worrying is the perception that many of the more dynamic and stimulating participants gradually drift away. My take on fluther as with askville is that the level of discussion here exceeds by far what one would expect from a random sampling of our country’s population. Places like yahoo answers are a revelation as to the true state of discussion and intellectual depth in the country, and the news is grim indeed. I think the main problem with maintaining stimulating and interesting content here, is the fact that many of those best suited to carrying the load are understandably too busy or otherwise involved to devote the time required. The truth is that a relatively small cadre of folks here “carry the ball” question wise. I don’t believe that I’ve asked more than 10 questions since I’ve been here, and at least 3 of those were slapped away by the mods asking for revisions. Anyway depth is one of those things you don’t realize is rare until you start looking for it.

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Well now, @@Hypocrisy_Central, when we start judging other jellies’ questions as to their “robustness, depth, relevance” or whatever, I’m outta here. Let me ask whatever I wish to ask in the way I wish to ask it. If you’re not interested or think it’s “un-robust,” ignore it.

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@Pachy Let me ask whatever I wish to ask in the way I wish to ask it. If you’re not interested or think it’s “un-robust,” ignore it.
You think I don’t? I cannot count the times I have spent the better part of an hour looking for something worthy enough to answer; to the point of mining the archives. There are a lot of questions, and I am sure some of yours were in there, that I passed over as weak, silly, idiotic, dumb, etc. and thus ignored it, did not even waste my precious time to even leave a quip for the lurve. People may get upset because I don’t find their questions thought provoking, tough. If they don’t find mine thought provoking I wish they take your advice and simply pass them up; it will make us both happier. However, what I think is not important, I can’t denote the site as a content farm and the implications that go along with it.

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Hands or fins up, fellow jellies… how many of you will join me in a highly concerted effort to come up with worthy questions so that we can collectively save @Hypocrisy_Central from continuing to waste so much of his time? ;-)

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