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What are some unique party ideas?

Asked by laura98 (191points) May 29th, 2014

So my 16th birthday is coming up in a little over 2 weeks or so and I was wondering if anyone could think of some out of the box ideas that I could do with my friends. I’m not big on huge parties and honestly don’t have enough friends to have a huge extravagant sweet 16. Anyway, it’s only going to be me and my 3 other friends and I want to think of a uber awesome idea that will keep us busy.

I was thinking about paintball, but at the same time it’s not enough people to have a private party and I have a lot of social anxiety,etc. idk, but I don’t want that to take away from any of the fun. I would just like to see if anyone has a good and unique idea about what I could do for my party? TY!!

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