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Why are they so rude?

Asked by Justified (34points) May 30th, 2014

About a month or so ago, my friends started to run away from me or be really rude to me. I gave them everything, even played a game I didn’t like once in a while because of them. I gave them birthday presents, but they didn’t even say ‘Happy Birthday!’ when it was mine. We have been friends since the start of school, but now they ditched me for new friends with the popular group, with my enemy, Ella. They shared all my secrets with her. I got new friends since then, but they are still SO mean. Why did they ditch me? Why are they so rude to me? All I ever did was be rude to Ella, but that’s because I respect others the same way they respect me. I feel as if they are always making fun of me, and I HAVE seen and heard it. Ella has been so mean I have actually said really bad things to her and defended myself from her, since I am about 6ft. and she’s around 4ft. Why are they like this? Can I stop it? They’ve been mentally annoying me.

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They got “in” with the popular crowd. That pull can be so strong.
I’m glad you made new friends. They weren’t worthy if your friendship.

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It’s puberty. You can stop it be ignoring it. Do not show them your pain. Every time they say something mean to you in front of others, ask loudly “Why are you so mean? It’s kind of sad.” Then walk away. shaking your head.

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Maybe your “enemy” Ella has something you don’t have?

I’m not implying she is better than you. I mean there may be something she has that catch your friend’s attention (for example she may have a lot of stupid gossips that your friends unfortunately like). In that case I think your friends only befriend with people who offer them something. They aren’t true friends because true friends never befriend with someone only for their self-interest. They aren’t worth your time.

I used to have some friends. At first we were very close, but then when I could no longer keep up with their interests, they kicked me with no mercy and found another one. I gave them up, they only wanted someone to talk to, they didn’t want an intimate relationship.

So forget them and go on with your life. There are a lot of better friends for you out there.

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These people are not your friends because friends don’t treat each other that way. Find friends that you click with, that make you feel good about yourself, not bad. Make them feel good about themselves too. Help each other grow.

Also a secret isn’t a secret once you tell it to someone, unless it’s your mother (and even then she’ll probably tell your dad ;-) ). If you tell someone something then it’s because you need help with that problem, not to make them keep your secret for you. If people are mean and tell your secrets to be nasty then that’s a good sign not to tell them any more secrets. Or to say anything of significance to them.

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You’re obviously well educated and literate. Stop following the shallow people and follow your muse.

Who gives a rat’s rump what the shallow people are doing? Stop following the crowd and start leading your life, and you’ll do well.

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They’re females. Females do stuff like that. Happened to me too. Just move and and don’t look back.

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The only ones who knows why they ditched you are them.

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OP has left. Too young

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@Stinley Maybe the truth hurt? When the answers you get aren’t the ones that lead to a sunshine and lollipops resolution, well, that’s enough to send some people running.

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The first thing you should do is ignore the mean comments, they are not going to do any good to you so it’s better to just black that out of your head.
Secondly, just ask them about their behaviour lately. In these situations you can do nothing but ask. Don’t do or say anything to hurt your friends. Doing exactly what they did to, makes no one better, it only makes them alike.
Talk to them I m sure they will understand.

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Thanks guys for all the answers! They deleted my account this morning

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