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If a user is deleted, why do they still appear on the search result when we do a search?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (14774points) May 30th, 2014

I thought it is more logical that they have to disappear from here completely. They are supposed to be “deleted”.

Or am I interpreting the matter wrong?

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It seems a little pointless to ask questions about the minutiae of Fluther when it’s not going to be changed but here goes.

1) Their profile shows up as deleted when you go to it so you know then that they’re gone. But they still had been part fo Fluther.

2) Their existng answers aren’t deleted so their posts still exist.

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Because their posts are not deleted.

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Accounts aren’t ever actually deleted, they are simply closed. This way, the accounts can still be reopened.

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Their posts are not deleted, so they are still part of Fluther. The reasons for their deletion does not warrant that their entire past existence should be deleted.

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Which search are they appearing, in Fluther’s search or off the Web? If they still show up on Google, Yahoo search, etc. I would guess because they don’t update their info in sync with Fluther.

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I was looking for a certain user’s posts and they did NOT show up when I put in their username. They deleted themselves. Maybe they come up when you search for something else, but I saw that they didn’t show up when you looked directly for them.

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Perhaps the CIA redacted it?

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@keobooks That user may have changed his username. When a username is changed, that user’s posts are also changed to have the new name.

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