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Is an online certification just as good as a certification from a brick and mortar school?

Asked by Eggie (5591points) May 30th, 2014

Have any of you done an online degree program? If so, do employers recognize the certification just the same as if you had gotten it from a brick and mortar university? Did you get a good job with your online qualification?

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I have not done any schooling online except for one class but my wife works in HR and used to be a recruiter for several major employers. She tells me online degrees are often looked at like not really having a degree and not taken seriously. There are certain ones that you can do online that are properly accredited. Your degree will be from a real university and on paper will look like you went to a “brick and mortar” institution because the degree is issued by one. This is more common for graduate and professional degrees though. Most of the online degrees are run by for profit institutions, cost a small fortune and are not worth the paper they are printed on. Be very picky which programs you do online. Find out what type of accreditation your degree must have to be “legit” and make doubly sure the program you are going to do has it.

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A lot of it depends on what the degree is in. Is it a chemistry degree, or a business degree? One of them is definitely doable over the internet.

Also it depends what the in person school is. Was it a community college or a known party school with low academic standards? Or was it an Ivy league school or a respectable large state university?

There are a lot of factors.

In general though I would say the in person degrees are looked upon more positively.

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I get why people do online classes…you can work from home, no commute, etc., but for me, classes are not even as effective online. I want that interaction with other students and the professor.

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If you left the program not having the tools to build reading and subtractin lesson plans, it was subpar.

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@FlyingWolf I have the tools to build reading and subtraction plans. Why you say that, just because I asked the questions? So I can’t inquire about anything?

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