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Care to share your funny, hilarious, shocking... whatever "one typo can change the world" stories?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (14775points) May 30th, 2014

Do you have any stories in which a tiny typo can change the meaning of the whole sentence? Like when I write “If I pitied him, I would kill him” instead of “If I pitied him, I wouldn’t kill him”, the meaning changes completely and drastically, although I only miss two letters. Or when I write “I eat fork for breakfast” instead of “I eat pork for breakfast”, the meaning changes too, although only one letter is replaced.

Inspired directly by a thread I saw, in which one participant claimed they loved making “sadcastles”, and indirectly by some more personal events.

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I was just recently having a conversation with a friend about having strep, and I asked if they were still in a lot of pain. The reply I got was, ”Yeah, but Halls are heroin.” (Meant to say, ”Yeah, but Halls are helping”.

I have screwed up so many messages with auto-correct I can’t even keep track and many of them are beyond hilarious.

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I saw an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm in which the ‘a’ was replaced with a ‘c’ in an obituary. The phrase was ‘Beloved Aunt’.

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I have no story, but I like this;

It’s raining cats and dogs. VS It’s raining, cats and dogs.

Oh but wait, safety warnings on dangerous tools! Like kitchen knives that were made in a non English speaking country, and the warnings should say; Keep out of reach of children. But they fucked up the English translation so instead it says; Keep out of children.


Also once I bought a vacuum cleaner that was made in Turkey. So, on the box it said ’‘made in Turkey.’’ But the French translation fucked up, and instead of translating the country name to French, which is ’‘Turquie’’, they translated it to the French word for the bird. Faite en Dinde. (dinde being the French word for the turkey bird) As if the vacuum was made inside a turkey. I’m not making this up. It happened. It was funny.

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I once was saying “I will kick your ass.” And typed lick instead, by mistake. My friend got a good laugh out of that one.

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Just-in Beaver loses virginity to rape star, swallows M&M’s flava too.

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I was texting with a friend the other day and meant to say ‘whew.’
My phone auto-corrected to Jew. That was awkward.

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There used to be an auto repair shop in my neighborhood with a hand-lettered sign, “No Smoking Aloud”.

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A photographer friend and I had an exhibition featuring her photographs and my writings. Because her medium was photography she typed my pieces on an old typewriter and photographed them individually, they were then interpose chose to d between the photographs. Unfortunately she misspelt one word on one particular piece which completely changed my meaning, it still irks me to this day.

What I had written was:
From the most intimate, to the entirely commonplace, expressions of me developed over years have been forcibly and inexplicably extracted. Like perfect teeth.

She misspelt inexplicably and wrote “explicably”.

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