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Does Fluther no longer mind when people use improper spelling and typos?

Asked by jca (35967points) May 31st, 2014

I flagged an OP’s post last night because he typed “i” instead of “I.”

This morning I woke up and the question was heavily modded, but the thing I flagged, with the “i” was left up. It has “i” in it more than once. I know I flagged it because I just tried to flag it again and could not.

I am confused, as this was never allowed on Fluther before. Is using “i” for “I” ok now?

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Assuming that we are talking about the same person, we have sent that user messages about the writing standards and moderated the responses with the most typos. It’s not like we are ignoring the issue.

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Why are you asking this here, as well as within a different thread? Here is your answer, copied from the other location:

[Mod says] @jca: We are a bit more lenient for typos in comments than in questions, and always have been – since we ALL make typos and auto-correct errors. If we pulled every comment that had en error in it, the site would be half-empty. Sometimes we have to make a judgement call based on the number of errors, how it impacts the clarity of the statement, and whether it has responses to it that advance the conversation which would be disrupted by moderation.

In this particular case, several people have responded to that comment, yourself included. Sometimes with new users it is beneficial for them to get some feedback from the community to support the Private Messages being sent by the Moderation Team regarding the Guidelines and what the community finds acceptable. Please realize that a whole lot of the Moderation process goes unseen by users.

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@hearkat: I asked them both in rapid succession.

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7 minutes apart, according to Fluther time stamps. But what difference does the timing make when asking the same question about the same incident?

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@hearkat: Is there something somewhere saying that’s not acceptable? One was a comment on a thread, one was my own question.

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7 minutes apart – I probably went to put the tea pot on in between.

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Having two discussions about the same topic in two different locations means that some people might see the responses to one but not the other. It’s why we don’t like duplicate questions. I guess I’ll just link to this Q in the other post so that this topic is only being discussed in one place.

And this is an example of what creates some muddled areas for moderation. If we remove your comment and my reply in the other post as off-topic, then our back-and-forth here is out of context and has to be removed as well, and people question why there’s so much content that’s been removed and think of worst-case scenarios. That is why I chose to simply link this thread in the other post.

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I think the heart of the issue is that different people process information differently, leading to differences of opinion on the best way to organize information, while also having different thresholds for how much error correction they’re able/willing to do. In the latter case, most of my posts are done ona smartphone, so typos are inevitable,and I expect a few from other people occasionally. A few. So long as it looks like they made an honest effort and they got their point across, I personally am willing to let some things slide just to keep the narrative flowing. Textspeak is a nuisance that desrves modding, but amostly clear post with a missed capitalization ot space doesn’t.

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@hearkat: I’m glad you linked it, as opinions and discussion is what it’s all about.

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Textspeak is a nuisance that desrves (*deserves) modding, but amostly (*a mostly) clear post with a missed capitalization ot (*or) space doesn’t. (and Chrome is arguing your particular apostrophe, haha)

Just for the shits and giggles. ^_^

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@Seek That’s actually why those errors were put (not left) in there; for shits and giggles.

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Even the whacko apostrophe? Because that one threw me for way too long. I’m like ‘Why the hell is Chrome saying that’s spelled incorrectly?!?!?”

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I’ve seen quite a few grammar/spelling disasters not being addressed lately. I don’t believe I’ve ever flagged a post for something like that, so I can’t complain.

I’ve also noticed an increase in obvious spam that isn’t getting removed nearly as quickly as it once did. I mean, I don’t care, but it’s just something I noticed. Not sure if the number of spammers has increased or just the amount of time it takes for the mods to respond.

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